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#127078 CS-Cart Multi-Store Beta is ready for testing

Posted by Webmonkey on 01 December 2011 - 12:37 PM in News and Announcements


Thanks for your reply, I assume RC means release copy? Which is odd as my conversation with you via Help Desk you are saying it wont be released before Feb 2012?



#127004 CS-Cart Multi-Store Beta is ready for testing

Posted by Webmonkey on 30 November 2011 - 12:19 PM in News and Announcements


Can you advise if a new beta version has been released yet? as per you post on the 19th September stating a new beta release is planned in 2-3 weeks?



#126700 CS-Cart Multi-Store Beta is ready for testing

Posted by Webmonkey on 24 November 2011 - 05:19 PM in News and Announcements

Hi Guys,

A couple of questions for you...

1. Is anyone using this Beta version on a live site?

2. Is or has anyone here used: http://www.alt-team....hop-add-on.html if so any feedback? bad or good :)

Thanks in advance!



#125615 CS-Cart Multi-Store Beta is ready for testing

Posted by Webmonkey on 09 November 2011 - 10:32 AM in News and Announcements

Bad news all, CS-CART have just advised me that the offical release will not be released until 2012 :(

why do I get the feeling we going down the same old path when it comes to release dates with CS-CART :(


#121016 Multi-Store

Posted by Webmonkey on 05 September 2011 - 03:00 PM in Upcoming features


CS-CART Can you update us all when you expect (please give a real date) of when Implementation A beta version will be available? Ive seen a date on here saying June, and I am also sure I saw a date of late August (Twitter maybe?)

Is this really going to happern? i've been waiting over 18 months for you guys to do this feature,



#106980 Multi-Store

Posted by Webmonkey on 17 March 2011 - 09:45 AM in Upcoming features

It was worth a try :) It's not a deal breaker - as far as i know no other cart has managed to achieve a properly working shared cart yet.

Have cs-cart decided on whether to implement shared products and categories between stores? - this is something that is important to us.

#106749 Multi-Store

Posted by Webmonkey on 15 March 2011 - 02:50 PM in Upcoming features

Hi All,

I currently work for a company that has 8 x cs-cart stores, and looks to expand to 20+ . Running 8 stores has cost us a lot of time and admin, in listing products, adjusting shipping, logging in to collect orders, modifying the stores etc.

I understand everyones needs are different but if it helps heres some thoughts on what would be ideal for "my" needs.

Implemenation A.

-One Master Installation on a single domain.
-One Master database to store and share data to all stores.
-Multiple stores to have seperate dedicated domains ie www.greatstuff.blah, www.kitchinsupplies.blah, www.gadgets-master.blah etc
(then configured in the vhost to point at the master domain installation via document root and directory (i'm no linux master if there's a better way of doing this then great)). Maybe the more technical among us could clarify whether having all different stores files and images under a single domain and not it's own domain upsets google results? Currently the above is the Magento way..

- One shopping cart / checkout and customer account to be shared across all domains. For example i can place a set of kitchin knives in my basket from www.kitchinsupplies.co.uk then via tabbed store links on the visual theme, visit www.gadgets-master.co.uk and add a microwave oven to the basket then checkout once buying both items.

- An option to use one ssl by redirecting all https pages to a single domain (whether that be the Master installation or yet another domain?) This may seem odd but if you take the following scenario:
Think Virgin:- virgin media, virgin mobile, virgin airlines etc etc.. A customer buying a virgin mobile phone from www.virginmobiles.blah is not going to get upset if they are directed to another domain www.virgincheckout.blah to pay for the item. This would save us a lot of money on ssls.

-One backend to configure everything! ... stores, products, categories, discounts, shipping tables, etc etc

-As much sharing and assigning of data to selected stores as possible (shipping tariffs, products, promotions, reward points etc).
For example: i set up shipping tariffs based on Country and Weight, i only want to do this once! and therefore an option should be available allowing me to choose which stores to apply these settings too. Another example is that a product maybe suitable for all our stores, i only want to create one instance of this product and not have to create and maintain it for every store.

-Unique store Variables for Custom pages.

If i create an HTML contact page, the only thing that is likely to change between stores is the email address. I would still like to only create and manage one contact page. If there could be a Unique store variable system, similar to the way languages works in cs-cart 1.3.5. Where you could define a variable and a value, but in this instance a value for each store. The variable name could then be put into the html and the appropriate value inserted when compiled to the browser.

- Customer able to select which website to search in (advanced search).

Apologies for the lengthy post! - just trying to contribute :)