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#296953 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by Josep on 01 March 2018 - 11:20 AM in Upcoming features


  • When you create new variations via import, they must have the Variation options column (so it's easy to figure out what product is a V). Variations must be preceded by their parent product that doesn't have a value in Variation options (so it definitely isn't a variation). The values of Variation options are checked to make sure that the parent product has these options and variants.
  • If you update existing variations via import (for example, a price), it doesn't matter if a product is a variation, because variations have their own price, quantity, etc, just like ordinary products. A CSV file consisting just of product code, language, product name, and price can be imported just fine, and it will update the prices of variations.


Hello ikoshkin,


OK, now it's clear. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

#296604 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by Josep on 26 February 2018 - 11:57 AM in Upcoming features

Hello, Josep. Glad to hear you like the idea. I've tested it on the demo just to make sure, and the import of variations worked.

The "product_type" field isn't available for selection in the template, but it actually isn't required either. Currently it is sufficient that variations follow their configurable product in the import file (without being interrupted by other products), and that they have variation options specified. It works the same way in version 4.7.2 (the docs still state that the "product_type" field is required, but they will be altered soon).


OK. But then, how does the system know that the product you are importing is type C, V or P?

#296444 Payment Methods Based On Country

Posted by Josep on 24 February 2018 - 02:44 PM in Localization: Adapting Multi-Vendor for your country



You need to install addon "Payment dependencies" included by default.


You can restrict payment methods based on shipping method. And every shipping method can be assigned to different countries.


Here you can see the documentation: https://docs.cs-cart...cies/index.html

#296338 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by Josep on 22 February 2018 - 07:00 PM in Upcoming features

Hello ikoshkin,


It looks promising
In the current state of development, Can you import configurable products and their variations?
It seemed to me that the "product_type" field was not available.
Thank you

#294104 Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

Posted by Josep on 26 January 2018 - 04:26 PM in News and Announcements

For example in this extract:
I can't see the titles of the columns, nor can I say if the columns are split as "123456 | Helmet blue size M" or "123456 | Helmet | blue | size M". This difference could mean a lot, as it's important to figure out how CS-Cart will determine that "this variation is a combination of Option A variant 1 and option B variant 2".

Besides, manually grouping variations into configurable products after import is still additional manual work imposed on administrators. If you could send us an actual file from your supplier as an example, we might figure out a way how to automate this process.


Thank you ikoshkin,


The most common file that suppliers provide me has the options integrated within the title, for example:
SKU; Product_Name; Price; ...
123456; Helmet blue M; 150.25; ...
123457; Helmet blue L; 150.25; ...
123458; Helmet blue XL; 150.25; ...
But it is not a problem for me to separate the options in columns, it is relatively easy and fast in a spreadsheet.
The problem is when in a list of hundreds (or thousands) of products you have to separate the data into groups of X rows (for example, same product of different sizes) to create a new row in each group with the configurable product and above all with the list of options within the same field (options).
Creating this line, which you can see example below, is a manual work that is slower than making the product configurable in Cs-cart admin and is the real bottleneck to import configurable products (I think).
(Simtech) Color: S[White,Black,Blue,Red,Green,Yellow]///inventory=Y///missing_variants_handling=M///multiupload=N///required=N///status=A; (Simtech) Size: S[Small,Medium,Large,X Large,XX Large]///inventory=Y///missing_variants_handling=M///multiupload=N///required=N///status=A

Thank you very much for your interest in improving this important aspect.

#293398 Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Seo Templates

Posted by Josep on 17 January 2018 - 12:15 PM in Third-Party Add-ons



Now you can also edit SEO name from the template.


Check other features of the add-on here.


How to download this new version?

In my file area doesn't appear now. I have version.

#293043 Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

Posted by Josep on 11 January 2018 - 11:52 AM in News and Announcements

Hello, Josep. Here are a few points on how the import of variations and configurable products will work in 4.7.2:

1. Variations will be imported together with configurable products, as separate entries in the same CSV file.

2. The Product code column in the CSV file still serves to distinguish new products from existing ones. So, if a product (or a variation) with the specified code is found in the store, it will be overwritten.

3. The Product type column in the CSV file determines if a product is simple (S), configurable (C), or a variation of a configurable product (V).

4. The order of entries in the CSV files is important: first there must be an entry of the configurable product, and the entries for its variations must come right after it, in the following lines. If you insert a line with a simple product between variations (like CVPV instead of PCVV or CVVP), you'll get an error.

5. There will be a new column called Variation options that must be filled in for each variation. It will contain the information about the option variants that comprise this variation. Naturally, two different variations of a single configurable product can't have the same variation options.


If you'd like, you can already try importing a product with variations on http://dev.demo.cs-cart.com. There is a configurable product with variations called T-shirt; you can export it, see how the product and its variations are organized, and then import a product of your own. I've attached a CSV file and an image that shows how the exported configurable product looks in the spreadsheet editor. Imported products will look similar (except that your imported file will probably have more columns with prices, quantities, etc.)


I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to ask if some of these points aren't clear; we are currently working on documentation regarding this functionality, so your questions may help us improve the articles.


Hello Ikoshkin,


Thanks for your detailed explanation.


1.- Ok

2.- Ok

3.- Ok

4.- Ok, but this requires more work preparing the CSV file prior to import.

5.- Ok, this new column Variation options is logical that it is necessary.
     Although I think you could try that, when filling in this column in product variations, the Options column of the configurable product was not necessary and was created automatically.
     The Options column is the most laborious to create by hand.


I have done the tests in http://dev.demo.cs-cart.comchanging the reference of the products of the CSV file that you have provided me and effectively creating the configurable product with its variations in a correct way.


I want to propose another solution to create configurable products from previously imported product variations. To see if it would be possible.


1.- Import Product variations as variable products (marked as V in column Type)

2.- Select products imported in Backend=>Manage products

3.- Click on new option named "Create configurable product based on products selected"

4.- The previous button opens a popup or page with a form in which the necessary data (name, options, variants,...) are requested to create the configurable product linked to the products previously selected.


I do not know if this would be very complicated to do but it would make the job much easier for the store administrators, since each provider offers the data in a different way.


Thank you



#292614 Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

Posted by Josep on 05 January 2018 - 08:00 AM in News and Announcements

Hi, in 4.7.2 we will release this features.

Also we will include ability to import export variations. Including creation of new variations via import. Import/Export improvements also available at dev.demo.cs-cart.com

Hi Imac,


My suppliers provide me with product listings in the form of variations like T-shirt blue L, T-shirt blue XL,..., but I need to show them in the store within configurable products.

What will be the workflow of importing product variations and creating the configurable product at the same time?

#279152 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by Josep on 20 June 2017 - 07:54 AM in News and Announcements

I'm very interested on this feature.


Have you any news about data release?