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#328540 Declined Orders Processing Anyway

Posted by kickzz on 08 June 2020 - 09:24 AM in General Questions

Here is my experience.

I'm on Godaddy dedicated server for 5 years.
I had the same exact issue as you starting April 17, 2020. Out of noway, I started getting failed order notification emails and then followed by processed notification emails. Soon I noticed my customers are getting failed orders when they are checking out. Because of this, they process the payment again and again which resulted in duplicate payments. It is a nightmare when they see multiple charges on their credit card statement and we have to go through each transaction to process the refund.
I have reached out to the Paypal merchant support team and cscart support (used 10 support credit). After a week of troubleshooting and testing, there were no issues found.
Understand the payment process.
1) When the customer clicked the Submit my order button the script sends POST request to PayPal server with payment information and expects to receive the result. 
2) The script sends valid payment information and no response is given from PayPal, so the store script transmits the Failed status to the order.
3) After Paypal processed the payment it sends the notifications (IPN) back to the store and that's when the order status becomes Processed.
cscart has no issue, Paypal also has no issue, now we have narrowed down the issue to the hosting network. To investigate further, you will have to get a PCAP file from your hosting provider. We believe there is data packet loss somewhere in the route. I have no time to deal with it and I migrated to a new server after dealing with this issue for 3 weeks. (Yes, everything is back to normal once I have migrated to a new server)
As of today, I'm still in touch with Paypal support team and wait for their updates. They were other customers from Godaddy hosting having the same issue as me.
I hope my experience can help you decide your next course of action.