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#599 Authorize.net

Posted by ddorris on 29 March 2006 - 05:36 PM in v1.x Configuration

I am having the worst time ever trying to get my authorize.net merchant account set up in cs-cart.

I think i have everything in the payment methods/processor screen set up correctly.

When I log into my authorize.net account to view transactions after the shopping chart declines them, my merchant account doesn't show that any transactions were even attempted! So, cs-cart doesn't seem to be passing info to my merchant account.

I also can't find anywhere in cs cart that shows any type of return codes so I can actually troubleshoot the problem.

I've verified i have the transaction key and m5d hash value entered correctly too. Verified with both cs cart and authorize.net that we were not on test mode at either end.

Anyone else had these problems? Where could I be going wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.