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#286704 How Can We Improve Cs-Cart?

Posted by Luthien on 22 October 2017 - 04:48 AM in General Questions

This could all be done with a single override file for the form and possible small extension to the controller.

I'm guessing you want to provide a different message in the GC based on what image the user clicked on for type of GC.

Feel free to click the link in my signature and provide requirements and I'll be happy to give you a quote.


Thank you - much appreciated

#286558 How Can We Improve Cs-Cart?

Posted by Luthien on 19 October 2017 - 10:29 PM in General Questions

I am the admin on our site and I can make a couple of suggestions from my viewpoint. It always seems to be the detail needed from a customer perspective that is missing (and admin sees and hears about so many of the problems customers have)


We recently looked at activating the gift certificate cscart add-on after customers emails requesting gift cetificates leading up to christmas. I referred to these pages: 





You can only have both email and posted GC - these days I only want email GC. Could cscart give admin the option to use one or both.


I wanted to add explanations to customers about the fields to complete on the storefront  because I could see mistakes would happen.


eg To: (the name of the person you are sending the gC to)

From: (the name f the person or group sending the GC)


email (the email to send the gift certiciate to or send it to yourself and forward the GC on to the recipient)



Ideally I would like to add an image or a set of images for customers to choose from e.g. happybirthday, congratulations, thank you, merry xmas.


I looked on cscart marketplace to find an add-on that would cover GC well. Could find nothing.


So I moved on as I have a mammoth todo list.


This is an example of something I would like improved. I guess the cscart team could quickly brainstorm what is needed and have a look at some big retailers and how they are selling gift certificates online to work out the best solution. 

#276930 Zippay - Australian Cs Cart

Posted by Luthien on 15 May 2017 - 04:21 AM in General Questions

We use eWay and they have announced recently:


"eWAY has now partnered with zipPay to give your customers the added opportunity to buy now and pay for their purchases over time – always interest free."


 - Source


I prefer this method of integrating zippay as it does not overload our cscart with more add-ons.

#276756 Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Seo Templates

Posted by Luthien on 10 May 2017 - 11:45 PM in Third-Party Add-ons

Fantastic addition to this add-on. Thanks





We have added company name and product features variables so you can use them in seo templates.



#276629 Paypal: "order Cancelled By Customer"

Posted by Luthien on 06 May 2017 - 11:09 PM in Issues & Troubleshooting

We operate a heavily added-on 4.3.8 and have always had issues with paypal transactions.  We dont trust cscart to report correctly to admin with paypal orders.  Every paypal order is manually checked against our paypal account and cscart payment status is manually updated. We also manual check for incomplete orders as paypal transactions sometimes disappear there.


We would like to upgrade when the latest version of cscart is relatively stable.  The first couple of versions of a new release can be buggy. You can watch the bug tracker to see if paypal issues are reported in the latest versions. Hopefully soon

#275367 Orderhive Inventory Management Addon/service

Posted by Luthien on 16 April 2017 - 09:57 PM in General Questions

We tested it during the free trial period with a view to using tit alongside the ebay add-on to extend and improve functionality.

It is a good system and will centralise all cscart and ebay orders and sync stock levels. It would not however list to ebay which would have made it a complete solution for us.


Why dont you use the free trial to see if it provides the solution you are looking for? I dont know what the marketplace addon does. 

#274775 Create Link To Al Sale/discounted Items

Posted by Luthien on 07 April 2017 - 09:56 PM in General Questions

I would like to add a page called Promotions and add banners with url links to the promotions pages.

Preferably 2 or 3 columns on the Promotions page for banners. 


I like Alex brandings add-on shows the Promos page on the customer side but I dont need deal of the day.


#274198 Ebay Synchronization Add-On: Improvements And New Features

Posted by Luthien on 31 March 2017 - 09:46 AM in News and Announcements

Does anyone use Channelsale  or something similar? I wonder how well it works with cscart. It is pricey.




Are there any other alternatives being used successfully with cscart?

#271052 Make Cs-Cart Great Again :)

Posted by Luthien on 16 February 2017 - 12:51 PM in Wishlist & Feature Requests

I still miss version 1 that had select boxes for options and add to cart on the categories page. 

Easier for customers who buy lots of items.


But it's a small thing and I do really like cscart. 

#265901 Addon [Soft-Solid] - Sales In Measures Of Fractional

Posted by Luthien on 08 December 2016 - 11:32 AM in Third-Party Add-ons

ok thank you. That is a good add-on

#265786 Addon [Soft-Solid] - Sales In Measures Of Fractional

Posted by Luthien on 07 December 2016 - 08:13 AM in Third-Party Add-ons

Your images on the product page are for a different addon.

I tried to send a product message but got this message


Does the add-on show the fractional entry box on the products categories grid page?


Error Message could not be sent.
Mailer Error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: biuro@cs-cart.pl

#265162 The Dreaded "service Unavailable" Message

Posted by Luthien on 29 November 2016 - 02:30 AM in General Questions

We get the dreaded "service unavailable" message quite often on the admin side and customer storefront. see image below.


Is there anything we should be doing on the cscart side to optimise the memory and page loading?


We have a dedicated server and this is the website hosts helpdesk reply :

BTW our web host is fantastic and we have been very happy with them.


After looking into the issue, it does appear that your server is low on memory as you can see below:

Memory in MB:

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3931 3249 682 0 775 1560
-/+ buffers/cache: 913 3017
Swap: 1907 625 1282

Memory in GB:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3 3 0 0 0 1
-/+ buffers/cache: 0 3
Swap: 1 0 1 


We have optimized a few settings within MySQL in order to avoid wasted memory, most notably by lowering the number of max potential connections.

Further reviewing the server configuration, we found that you are still using legacy backup which is likely resulting in a longer backup time than necessary. Given the opportunity, we recommend you switch to the new-style incremental backups for maximum efficiency.




#262830 Warning -Cscart Helpdesk Crashed The Storefront

Posted by Luthien on 31 October 2016 - 09:52 PM in Issues & Troubleshooting

I asked cscart support to look at our paypal api as paypal orders that have been paid in full are showing as open order status in the admin side.


Since 6pm last night  we have 3 test paypal orders and no customer orders as the storefront has been left unusable. The message on the cscart support helpdesk says there "our technical support department is loaded heavily at the moment. You should expect our answer not earlier than in 1-2 business days. " 


If they are working on a live site why dont they check that they have left the store usable. Pretty angry right now