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#175773 Import Error Message

Posted by insertcoin on 22 January 2014 - 12:12 PM in Why CS-Cart

hi, testing cs-cart 4 I have the same problem to only update my products with csv.
Database (error)
Error: Duplicate entry '1805-p--pr-0' for key 'PRIMARY' <b>(1062)</b>
Query: INSERT INTO cscart_seo_names (`object_id`, `type`, `dispatch`, `lang_code`, `company_id`) VALUES (1805, 'p', '', 'product_descriptions.lang_code', '.company_id')

csv file with minimum columns (Product code ,product id , Language, Product name) in utf or ainsi = database (error) logs are registred in backend but product are not updated

csv file without product id column = database (error) log are not registred in backend and product are not updated

is possible to update products with cs-cart 4 using csv files ?
whats the good way to do this?

thanks you so much

#175301 FREE ADDON: "Lazy Loader" and "Back to Top" for CS3

Posted by insertcoin on 16 January 2014 - 10:01 AM in Third-Party Services

Hi, thanks for this addon,
I modify 3.x addon structure to 4.0.3CE and nicely work but banner home page still not working ( loads only 2 banner img).

using this tips don't work for me in 4.0.3 version
{if $controller !="index"}

Any way ,tips , to fix this issue?
or only allow lazyload for categorie and product pages?
Any small update to lazyload 1.9.2 ?

Many thanks for your response