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#300198 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:04 AM in Upcoming features

One more Q.

What if you have 2 stores, then the store name must also set?


Above whas:

First field: Product_code - Second field: barcode - Third field: the amount of


96101 8,72E+12 4

96106 8,72E+12 6

96114 8,72E+12 2

96116 8,72E+12 9

96121 8,72E+12 13

96126 8,72E+12 3

96134 8,72E+12 0

96136 8,72E+12 14

96141 8,72E+12 8

96146 8,72E+12 2

I suppose you need to much only 1 and 3 columns, i.e. Product code and Amount.

This should work fine.

#300197 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:02 AM in Upcoming features

I haven't messed with the addon enough to know if it works or not but it sounds like modifiers need the ability to combine data from different columns.


For example in crazysharks case with categories:

Category - $valuecolumn1"///"$valuecolumn2


Another example where you have separate inventory from different warehouses and you need to add them together for the amount/quantity:

Quantity - $valuecolumn1+$valuecolumn2+...

This is not working for now. 

For now we are looking for the easiest solution. The things like using a value from another column may slow down the import and make it buggy(

#300196 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 10:59 AM in Upcoming features


I also have to bear in mind that I products may be available from more than one supplier. I've previously in Magento been able to get around this by adding a 'Supplier' and 'Supplier Code' Feature and mapped the product by 'Supplier code' and not 'Manufacturers product code'.



Thank you for details,


As for supplier code. You can create a feature called "Supplier code" and use it. In Advanced import you can import features in a separate columns. You can even set several imports for several suppliers and use modifier to fullfill Supplier code feature. Like this "concat('Supplier1', '') - which will set value Supplier1 for all the products from this import.

#300083 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 12 April 2018 - 11:15 AM in Upcoming features

Hi imac


1- How can choose Category -> sub category . Example i sent before in xml have only main category and subcategory How can we choose.



You should use one tag <category>Computer///Fan</Category>

#300199 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:09 AM in Upcoming features

Hi imac


1- You are maybe wright but company sent this xml structure. All programmer dont now about xml stucture so we coudnt say all company your xml is wrong.

Example : I sent the private message before xml structure. This company is very old and has been doing the same since it was first established.


Soo if you build a flexible structure from scratch, there will be very few questions that come to you.


2- i coudnt add second image. how can add this??


3- in multivendor dev demo site cant work xml import.

2. Try to use "Advanced import: images" field : https://www.evernote...bjFWELIcxnhaDdk

It accepts all the images of product separated by comma, like


3. Ok, We'll check thank you

#301229 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 07 May 2018 - 02:00 PM in Upcoming features

Hi Imac,


How to do the import by Cron?

I must pickUP the file by FTP at the server of the client.

Take a look at this post: http://forum.cs-cart...ndpost&p=296309

#305743 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 23 August 2018 - 07:49 AM in Upcoming features

Hi everyone how can use more than one modifiers in one column?? Because company gives their structure and if want to import must change more than one in one column



You can extend default import with your add-on. We intentionally allowed only one modifier to make import easier and more transparent. 


As for Categories. Unfortunately in order to add categories in XML import we have to spend many resources from development department cause many possible relations should be considered. 

Instead we will make an easy way to manage categories of imported products on the product list.

So the scenario will be 

1. You import products

2. Switch to product list and select Recently updated search.

3. Select the products and apply the required categories to them like this: https://www.evernote...ud6-yloTMETLiM 

#304154 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 18 July 2018 - 12:53 PM in Upcoming features

Hi imac and ikoshin 


İn which version will you fix and present it?


Do you have a plan for correcting other settings?


Hi the version in which the bug is fixed can be seen in the right sidebar.

It's 4.8.2. You can already check if everything is working fine at dev.demo.cs-cart.com


As for your questions:

1. No plans to add feature to parse categories.

2. The only think I can suggest i using modifiers "replace" or "w_replace", or creating your own modifier by customizing the code.

3. There are special addons for this: like https://marketplace....-optimizer.htmland others.

4. -

5. TBD

6. No such plans, but you can upload import files by FTP and launch import by cron.

7. Thats depend on how it implemented in XML

for example node like 

<pirce currency="US">45</price>

<price currency ="EU">40</price>

will work fine.

8. Unfortunately this will make import process more difficult, so I do not plan any such changes in the nearest future.

How can we import qty discounts with the new import, not the depreciated one?

Quantity discount are not supported in the new import process. So only old import process the one that is depricated.

#301541 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 14 May 2018 - 10:46 AM in Upcoming features


Hi iMac. I am looking forward to this addon cs-cart for a long time. But none of them have a structure that can meet the demands completely. I have tested many xml products for a different product sample. I have seen some mistakes and think that it needs to be corrected. Having a slightly more flexible structure, I think that the wrong xml constructs that companies have distributed are suitable to fix faster.
I try to explain and write as much as I can about the mistakes I have encountered for this addon. I wish I could have a better structure.


Can you please send me more examples of XML files you are trying to import. Right now we are considering improvements in XML import

#300022 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 06:17 AM in Upcoming features

It would be great to get rid of the product_type requirement, as currently this advanced import is unusable for me.


Great idea - would work wonders and be perfect for my daily product feeds, but none of them have this field particularly as it is unique to CS-Cart

Hi, can you please clarify what is great idea?


And please describe the exact scenario of how you do import and why product_type is a problem for you. I would like to understand your workflow. We do have some thoughts on removing product_type - but not yet sure how it should be identified instead.

#299042 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 07:06 AM in Upcoming features

Hi i test xml good


There are some shortcomings i see.
1-For example, if the company has a product that contains several different categories, what should be done? For example, three different categories of textile furniture and car parts need to be designed separately for them?
Some XML have in structure all in it. Not diveded category product etc. i can select the main and sub category. its important
2-What if we do not have the product type in the xml format? In the example I sent to you, there is not. I could do that by changing it to P or C, which is not used one of them there.


3-Can test 10 - 100 products for testing good or not. if got something wrong can change short time. The others whole products import and can see its true or not.


4-Add "Modifier List" "Replace" can change began wtih code . Example "<img src="http://" because in description have some code and can we change them good for us.


5-How can we select second, third etc image? i select the other image detailed image or additional image but cant work


6- Company give xml adress like this



when i want to get. i get an error  " Error Cannot read uploaded file"

Hi, thank you for the feedback. It's very helpful.


1. I did not understand what you mean. Can you please explain it in more details.


2. We are thinking on getting rid of product_type - it's not a user friendly field.


3. You mean you want to set a limit like "import only X items"?


4. this won't work because you should replace the start of the code " img src="http://" and the end "">"


5. Right now we are implemented the feature that parse all the similar fields like "<image" tags and output as separated by comma. there is a new field (images) for this.


6. what does it mean? 


I will go through you import file and get back with more details

#297303 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 05 March 2018 - 09:50 AM in Upcoming features

Hi ikoshkin please test this addon its very useful and more flexible. Please add XML structure because the most store site and company not use only .csv format 


please follow this link. You can change a lot of thinks. i use this addon if you want i can sent.

import pro 

test site


**we can use the same column, for different column. its very useful. Example I want to use a sample column for all of the following


Page title

Meta description

Meta keywords

search word



***i test 6000 products in demo sites gives "processing" screen and didnt work.


****in demo sites in "options" "Delete all existing product files before import" and the others  didint works too

Can you please send me examples of XML files you use. We are considering the ability to add XML to updated import.

#297705 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:06 AM in Upcoming features

Need it to be able to read a text tab delimited file.
Also getting an error even though max upload is 60mb.


This is PHP configuration restrictions at your hosting. You can start with this URL https://www.drupal.o...-in-your-phpini

#297706 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:11 AM in Upcoming features

Say, i import 6000 lines.

But i dont know what is inside, only see the top.


I want before the real import is done, look in that file.

So maby, first import, check and than finaly import.


That will complex the import process significantly. So if you are importing for the first time and not sure about how this will go I would recommend to import 100-200 lines and check the results. In 4.7.1 we added a special filter on the manage products page - Recently Updated


And maby even changed a field in that file.

And yes, Excel i know, but that is not what i want.

See the response about complexity - the more complex import process is - the more unpredictable and sudden mistakes you get. 

#300021 Varnish Cache For Cs-Cart

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 06:12 AM in Web Hosting

will the free addon be updated for newer versions ?

At the moment we do not have plans to update this add-on. 

#299595 Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

Posted by imac on 03 April 2018 - 05:52 AM in News and Announcements

ok, thanks.


Another question. I noticed that configurable product also have price in exported table. Why is that? Normally price in this case should be 0. As I understand the idea of configurable product is just to hold product variations with prices, etc

Price of configurable product should be equal to first variation. Because products in the storefront will be filtered and sorted by main configurable product not it's variations. 

Example. you have a configurable product t-shirt with price $10 and it's first variation is t-shirt white big with price $20 when you filter products by price in the storefront you will see t-shirt only in range where $10 is belongs, e.g. $9-$11, and you won't see t-shirt at all in range $19-$21

#294428 Hosting Recommendation?

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:55 PM in Web Hosting

BTW: we updated our Anlsible script for Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)
This script allows you to set the CS-Cart environment in several clicks.

#294427 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:52 PM in Upcoming features

It's an admin panel. Seriously, who cares about color? Functionality is all that matters.

You are right, we think the same way as developers.
But I heard several time already about this feature. The main point is that one can have several CS-Cart stores and different colors of backend will make live easier.

#294426 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:50 PM in Upcoming features

How does this affect the third party add-ons?


Looks like you maintained class names which is good.
Are there any special classes that need to be addressed for addon developers that manipulate the admin screens and sideboxes?

there will be a guideline after we make sure the main concept is fine and we can go to the finish line.
Idea is that add-on developers will need to add certain classes to their templates.

#296718 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 27 February 2018 - 02:33 PM in Upcoming features

It's using bootstrap v2.3

It's required to have backward compatibility with add-on that change/add templates in admin area.

#297379 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 06 March 2018 - 07:05 AM in Upcoming features

Hi, we updated main color in Responsive Admin style, now it loos like this:



You can test the Responsive theme at dev demos: dev.demo.cs-cart.com/admin.php just install Responsive Admin Panel [Beta] add-on and enable it.

#299038 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 06:45 AM in Upcoming features

Thank you for reply:

Regarding item 2: In the demo store currently when vendor logs in, sees "simtech" at the top left corner of admin panel, just plain text, you should be able to add small simtech logo there - good branding practice. 

Ok, thank you. Probably later we will add this.

#297707 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:25 AM in Upcoming features

If I have already changed the positioning of some of the blocks (like 'Order by status' and 'Recent Activity'), would this responsive add-on change them back to default positions?



Yes, most probably it will. The best practise is to do all the changes using add-ons.


Also, I'm not sure if I'm not looking hard enough, but I cannot see a sign out button when viewing from a smartphone? I can see it on the desktop and tablet view though


Just click the triangle near the Simtech: https://www.evernote...iGfk2BYCw0j_7Lk

#299039 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 06:47 AM in Upcoming features

A little bit of "cart before the horse".  You're releasing it to the public before you release a guide for 3rd party developers to determine what changes they might need to make?  Where do you want us to direct the calls that come in for addons that are broken by this release? 


Is there a way to disable the responsive backend after it's installed in case there are business critical errors?  Or does it overlay the current 'backend' theme?

the instructions are under development, will be released very soon.

the new responsive theme is just an add-on, so it will be optional for some time.

#294424 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:46 PM in Upcoming features

Right now we are working on the top panel of mobile view- there are too many elements, we will try to sort it out and make more mobile-friendly.