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#311200 Dashboard In The Admin Panel Of Multi-Vendor.

Posted by imac on 18 January 2019 - 07:51 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests



What information, you as Marketplace owner would like to see at the Dashboard.

I suppose for now there for sure should be information about Vendors activity, because vendors and their activity are the key for success business.


I plan to add the following data to the dashboard of root admin (store owner)

Vendors with sales: XX - how many vendors got the orders for selected period

New Vendors: XX- number of vendors registered in the selected period

Vendors with new products: XX - how many vendors created new products for this period

Not logged in Vendors: XX - vendors who did not log in for the period.

New Products: XX - number of products created for the selcted period

Orders created: XX - number of orders placed for the selected period.


What do you think about these numbers? Please share you ideas.

#311197 Multi-Vendor Upgrade, Question About B2B Functionality

Posted by imac on 18 January 2019 - 07:00 AM in Why CS-Cart


  1. Can multi-vendor upgrade to multi-vendor plus after purchasing?
  2. I intend to set up a medical supplies ecommerce platform. A lot of my potential venvdors are seeking to expand their operations overseas. Does cs-cart have a "request quotation" or enquiry feature similar to drugdu.com or alibaba?


1. Yes, it's possible. You should buy upgrade of your license. And just set the new Multi-Vendor Plus license in your Multi-Vendor installation. So there is no need to reinstall the store and make some tech works. 

#310089 Show Po Number On Invoice

Posted by imac on 17 December 2018 - 10:52 AM in Hints & Modifications

Hi Unfortunately it is not pissoble without some extra coding. 


What you should do is change this file: app/Tygh/Template/Document/Order/Variables/OrderVariable.php

Just add these lines:

            'payment_info' => array(
                'po_number', 'company_name', 'buyer_name', 'position'

After this code:

            'raw' => array(
                'timestamp', 'notes', 'display_subtotal', 'discount', 'subtotal_discount', 'payment_surcharge',
                'display_shipping_cost', 'total'

After this you should be able to see payment_info variable in the order_info values, like this: https://www.evernote...wP_I2DjuY1_6_VA


Just click on the required variable and it will be added to the document: https://www.evernote...wP_I2DjuY1_6_VA


Hope this will help.

#305746 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 23 August 2018 - 07:57 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Can I ask when you might be looking to implement a solution for the new Marketplace Facilitator Laws which have come into effect his year in a few States. Deeming marketplaces (multi-vendor stores) now liable to collect and remit sales taxes on behalf of vendors selling in specific states?


Both the add-ons available from Taxjar and Avalara do not work with multi-vendor. Does this make your multi-vendor software non compliant in the US at State level?? 



Multi-Vendor allows you to configure taxes, comissions as a store owner. So in fact you can just hold the sale tax amount from vendor orders as a commission.

#305745 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 23 August 2018 - 07:55 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

We need option for vedor to be able to set thier own delivery options for thier own products and setup thier own promotions. vendor independence is needed to reduce the admin management time! 

We are considering the feature with separate checkout for each vendor. 

If each vendor will have a separate checkout at the storefront than vendors will be able to create their own payment methods, shipping methods and promotions. 

#305744 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 23 August 2018 - 07:52 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi, any good news about the mobile application? 

Hi, yes there are some good news. 

Mobile Application is available: https://www.cs-cart....pplication.html

#305743 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 23 August 2018 - 07:49 AM in Upcoming features

Hi everyone how can use more than one modifiers in one column?? Because company gives their structure and if want to import must change more than one in one column



You can extend default import with your add-on. We intentionally allowed only one modifier to make import easier and more transparent. 


As for Categories. Unfortunately in order to add categories in XML import we have to spend many resources from development department cause many possible relations should be considered. 

Instead we will make an easy way to manage categories of imported products on the product list.

So the scenario will be 

1. You import products

2. Switch to product list and select Recently updated search.

3. Select the products and apply the required categories to them like this: https://www.evernote...ud6-yloTMETLiM 

#305276 Limiting Categories For Vendors

Posted by imac on 14 August 2018 - 06:52 AM in General Questions

Hello imac,


In your demo, you have 5 plans and "all categories" are in each plan. So all vendors see all categories.




I think your agree that if you have 40 plans on this companies.vendor_plans page (8univers x 5vendorsplan = 40 plans), it will no longer be understandable to attract sellers...


But I agree with your argument "Changing categories through vendor plan would be much easier."


So to respect your logic and be understandable, WHEN will you propose on companies.vendor_plans page, to start by selecting an UNIVERS (Baby, Computers, Electronics) to after present and choose between Plan's categories ?


Thank you.



You can use the Hidden plans. In case the plan is hidden Vendor can no subscribe for it. But during review you can assign this plan to a vendor.

e.g. here is the list of plans I have in the backend: https://www.evernote...EmJbkR_x0NcQk-4

Here is what vendor see in admin area: https://www.evernote...pxKjYTvUahtgYQk

#304662 Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

Posted by imac on 30 July 2018 - 08:50 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

i asked ,before implemeting this addon, that it will be better to put the field " Location " under product update instead of vendor update.

This is about warehouses, not Vendor geolocation feature.

#304154 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 18 July 2018 - 12:53 PM in Upcoming features

Hi imac and ikoshin 


İn which version will you fix and present it?


Do you have a plan for correcting other settings?


Hi the version in which the bug is fixed can be seen in the right sidebar.

It's 4.8.2. You can already check if everything is working fine at dev.demo.cs-cart.com


As for your questions:

1. No plans to add feature to parse categories.

2. The only think I can suggest i using modifiers "replace" or "w_replace", or creating your own modifier by customizing the code.

3. There are special addons for this: like https://marketplace....-optimizer.htmland others.

4. -

5. TBD

6. No such plans, but you can upload import files by FTP and launch import by cron.

7. Thats depend on how it implemented in XML

for example node like 

<pirce currency="US">45</price>

<price currency ="EU">40</price>

will work fine.

8. Unfortunately this will make import process more difficult, so I do not plan any such changes in the nearest future.

How can we import qty discounts with the new import, not the depreciated one?

Quantity discount are not supported in the new import process. So only old import process the one that is depricated.

#303136 Meet Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.8.1

Posted by imac on 25 June 2018 - 07:35 AM in News and Announcements

Is there somewhere the update file can be downloaded manually and applied?

Hi, please check upgrades once again. Now they should be available. 

#302958 Upgrade From 4.7.4 To 4.8.1 Failed

Posted by imac on 21 June 2018 - 10:53 AM in Installation & Upgrade

It's been so far easy process to upgrade. Last upgrade 4.7.4 I did's see GDPR addon at all (yes, tried to search). After getting in contact with support they obviously installed GDPR addon manually and it was available.


Now after I tried to upgrade from 4.7.4 to 4.8.1 I got n error as shown in JPEG file. I have multistore but all stores use english at the moment and I don't get it why the error message contain reference to language FR (French obviously). The upgrade process failed and not sure how to proceed. 


I'm able to login to admin area but I didn't restore old files back yet. Trying to avoid downtime if such happen.attachicon.gif error.JPG

Hi. unfortunately there was a bug in upgrade.

So in order to fix this please do the following:

1. Restore the backup of 4.7.4

2. Refresh the upgrade packages.

3. Make the upgrade one again

Everything should be Ok.

#302885 Variations As Individual Products On Brand + Category Pages

Posted by imac on 20 June 2018 - 07:59 AM in Hints & Modifications

Hi all - say would you guys know if it's possible with the new variations method, to show each variation (say different colours) as "individual" products on category and brand pages?

It's not possible right now. But this feature is in the roadmap.

I'm not sure that it will be variations, but still there will be an ability to change the option of a product and switch to another product. - this case will implement the scenario of different colors of the same product.

#302884 Filter Product Variations

Posted by imac on 20 June 2018 - 07:55 AM in Upcoming features

Thanks for the reply. Do you have an idea of a time frame or is it still very open ended at the moment? 

We are testing different implementations of this feature for now in order to find most elegant solution, but I can not say any exact timeframes.

#302810 Filter Product Variations

Posted by imac on 18 June 2018 - 12:57 PM in Upcoming features



Does anyone know if this feature was ever added or at what stage in development it is at? 


We have the same situation where we'd like to filter by clothing size, only showing the sizes that are in stock. 

Hi, this feature is in the research stage. 

We are considering the possible ways of implementing it.

#301541 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 14 May 2018 - 10:46 AM in Upcoming features


Hi iMac. I am looking forward to this addon cs-cart for a long time. But none of them have a structure that can meet the demands completely. I have tested many xml products for a different product sample. I have seen some mistakes and think that it needs to be corrected. Having a slightly more flexible structure, I think that the wrong xml constructs that companies have distributed are suitable to fix faster.
I try to explain and write as much as I can about the mistakes I have encountered for this addon. I wish I could have a better structure.


Can you please send me more examples of XML files you are trying to import. Right now we are considering improvements in XML import

#301428 Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

Posted by imac on 10 May 2018 - 12:47 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi iMac,


Any updates on when this could be released?







- What type of business model do you have (who are your vendors, in what regions do you work)

In my case we are creating a construction marketplace in Mexico, we have manufacturers and distributors from every city 

- Why location is matters for you? (what problem will this feature solve)

Generally distributors sell the same products in every city, so it is faster and cheaper for customers to buy a local distributor

- How should it work (few words about how it will be seen by customer in your storefront)

I like the way it looks in the mockups, it would be cool if it had the Google location icon, or at least the chance to choose the icon every store wants, because at least here people are used to see that icon related to location.


Also, do you have any estimated release date?



Pedroadolfog, thank you for the details.

We are going to release it in v4.8.1, approx in June 


It's already available at http://dev.demo.mv.cs-cart.com(it's the demo of upcoming 4.8.1) but there is no demo data so it will be a bit tricky to configure it from the scratch. We will add some demo data soon.

#301427 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 10 May 2018 - 12:43 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi imac i think i dont understand mobile aplication works. What the error means "Please install the Storefront REST API add-on first"

I saw and read this. Mobile aplication addon works like this? Buy or free use app and then add a site.


This is outdated info. Please view this page: https://www.cs-cart....pplication.html

#301426 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 10 May 2018 - 12:41 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

I totally agree with you..And I have raised this few time before..


The problem is MVE is derived from original CS-cart that was run by Admin who could afford to spend time and learn how run backend but with MVE you can not expect every vendor to go thro' the same learning process. 


Considering many users will be using backend with MVE, it needed to be revamped for average users.


Shipping method, Taxes, Variants too complicated and not streamlined in a easy to follow format for average user.


I am willing to provide few ideas if interested.

That would be nice. Please send me your ideas or better post them here, so other MVE owners can discuss them.

#301251 How Good Are The Cs-Cart Themes Sold In "themeforest.net"

Posted by imac on 07 May 2018 - 06:02 PM in Look and feel

You will not find those as none of the developers here even know what it is. Cs-cart cart demo site is same for ages..

I think you are too judgemental saying that none of developers knows what is material design and referring to same demo site. 

#301238 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 07 May 2018 - 02:31 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi imac


Are there any timeline updates on these Roadmaps?



Vendors geolocation and Direct Payments to Vendors are going to be released in 4.8.1 (approx. june 2018)

#301236 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 07 May 2018 - 02:28 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi how can active mobile aplication. Error says "Please install the Storefront REST API add-on first" but i coudnt find how is it?

Hi, what mobile application are you trying to install? 

#301229 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 07 May 2018 - 02:00 PM in Upcoming features

Hi Imac,


How to do the import by Cron?

I must pickUP the file by FTP at the server of the client.

Take a look at this post: http://forum.cs-cart...ndpost&p=296309

#300199 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:09 AM in Upcoming features

Hi imac


1- You are maybe wright but company sent this xml structure. All programmer dont now about xml stucture so we coudnt say all company your xml is wrong.

Example : I sent the private message before xml structure. This company is very old and has been doing the same since it was first established.


Soo if you build a flexible structure from scratch, there will be very few questions that come to you.


2- i coudnt add second image. how can add this??


3- in multivendor dev demo site cant work xml import.

2. Try to use "Advanced import: images" field : https://www.evernote...bjFWELIcxnhaDdk

It accepts all the images of product separated by comma, like


3. Ok, We'll check thank you

#300198 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:04 AM in Upcoming features

One more Q.

What if you have 2 stores, then the store name must also set?


Above whas:

First field: Product_code - Second field: barcode - Third field: the amount of


96101 8,72E+12 4

96106 8,72E+12 6

96114 8,72E+12 2

96116 8,72E+12 9

96121 8,72E+12 13

96126 8,72E+12 3

96134 8,72E+12 0

96136 8,72E+12 14

96141 8,72E+12 8

96146 8,72E+12 2

I suppose you need to much only 1 and 3 columns, i.e. Product code and Amount.

This should work fine.