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#295489 Paypal: "order Cancelled By Customer"

Posted by imac on 14 February 2018 - 07:06 AM in Issues & Troubleshooting

Is there a fix for older versions? I need a fix for my 4.3.9.


Thank you!



I too would be interested in if a work around could be implemented into my 4.3.1 store.  I have way too many mods done to the store to update to a current version  I normally only do that every few years because the upgrade is so costly.

Guys, please contact tech support. 

The fix is rather complex (affects a number of files) and posting it here will do more harm than good.

#295487 Sales Performance Of 4.x.x Compared To 2.x.x

Posted by imac on 14 February 2018 - 07:02 AM in General Questions

Flow, thank you for the post. Glad to hear that. As for options we do a lot of work with variations and there will be new features and improvements soon.


Version 2 was my favorite version. It was the last version when cs-cart was a 'shopping cart'. Now it is an 'e-commerce platform'. Along the way cs-cart forgot is was a shopping cart and that selling products is the primary focus of cs-cart. They have added so much fluff unrelated to selling products that it hurts the performance and rankings of cs-cart sites.  I wish it would become product focused again!


Hi Triplets,

Let me go through your points

They have added so much fluff unrelated to selling products that it hurts the performance and rankings of cs-cart sites. 

A lot of features are added as add-ons so they did not affect performance. Besides number of add-ons for CS-Cart v4 increased dramatically comparing to v2.

• In version 2 we could add more than one product at a time to the cart (without using 'buy together'). This was lost starting in version 3. 

It's not a problem for B2C business which CS-Cart is primary focused on. But if you need it you can easily buy an add-on http://marketplace.c...dd-to-cart.html

Also note that we have such feature in v4 like "quick view" "order in 1 click" and they are also configurable. 

In version 2 we could see how many customers logged into site.

C'mon it's 2018, for everyone who is focused on online business Google Analytics is must have tool. It allows you to see a lot more things that ex-statistics in CS-Cart.

What for do you need "users online" I really can not understand.

Version 2 had a customer friendly checkout.

Why? Here is a screenshot of v2 and v4 checkouts


In v4 you have a configurable block with order details - cart content. Besides take a look how many possible checkout implementations v4 have: 





Version 2 allowed "Please select an option" as a null selection without having to use this bogus "sequential" feature. We should not be forced to use 'sequential' inorder to use this basic shopping cart feature! 

yes, this was an issue, but we fixed it in v4.7.1 please take a lookL: http://blog.cs-cart....t-improvements/section Usability improvements.


• Version 2 did rank better in search engines.

Why do you think so? We put a lot of efforts in investigating such issues but we did not found any proofs of this. 

V4 have more SEO features like 301 redirects, canonical URL, editing robots.txt, google rich snippets. And even more SEO add-ons that make CS-Cart is extremely SEO configurable.

We upgrades our cs-cart.com site to v4 and note that SEO for us is the primary source of clients. 


So to summarize. I often see complains like "previous versions were cool and new sucks" but from my experience I came to conclusion that owner don't have a need for it or just don't have resources (time, energy, money) to understand all the reason and advantages of new versions. 

#295310 Paypal: "order Cancelled By Customer"

Posted by imac on 12 February 2018 - 09:12 AM in Issues & Troubleshooting

Still happening and it is causing major issues on occasion.  Yesterday I had a customer go and purchase something from the site, paid for it via PayPal and the order went to incompleted (even though he made payment).  Then he went back and purchased something else about 20 minutes later.  The first time he went to pay (on the new order) he used a coupon.  Then when he actually paid he didn't use the coupon.  But guess what....CS shows that both of these latter orders were approved/paid for so we sent 2  orders even though he only paid for one. This is driving me nuts!

Please take a look at this bug: http://forum.cs-cart...5606#entry25606

We fixed it in 4.5.1

#295296 Sales Performance Of 4.x.x Compared To 2.x.x

Posted by imac on 12 February 2018 - 07:19 AM in General Questions

Because CS CART is unique and we have good tools on the market exact the finger from the hand: ...CSCART, MAGENTO, PRESTA and others 2


But when i sell (hypothetical) the same products with Darius..and he have a worst wordpress (with no sitemap, and other big tools) and i have cscart and i work daily with seo tools and strategies... and i have 250 unique/day... and Darius have 1200 unique/day ?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!


It is a real case... i replace my competitor with Darius

After years.....and now in 2018 after last updates.... If i can not overtake my competitor this year... i will leave Cs Cart...

Aprox 2012 year...when was V2 X

Good SEO was the only reason I fell in love with CS CART

So, can you list the exact problems with SEO you have in v4 and you did not have in v2?

#295165 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 09 February 2018 - 08:53 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi there, I would like to share our plans on Multi-Vendor development in near future.


1. Mobile application - create you own mobile application for you Multi-Vendor store.

2. PayPal for Marketplace - payment method integration

3. Filter vendor by location and buy product from a certain region (see discussion http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/51167-)

4. Configurable seller application form - ability to manage fields and look&feel of seller register page

5. Separate checkout for each vendor - ability for vendor receive money directly to his account and use any payments he wish.

6. Admin to Vendor Communication addon

7. Promotions optimization to work fine for vendors


Please let me know is something is not quite clear, and I will provide you with more details.

I can not guarantee that we will implement all of the features, and the more feedback I get from you on required features - the more chances we will implement it.


#295158 Незавершенные Заказы

Posted by imac on 09 February 2018 - 07:56 AM in Русский (Russian)  


Передайте этот крик души туда же!


Ребята, ахтунг!

Набираем корзину, переходим к оформлению. Создаётся незавершенный заказ #977.
Я так понимаю, это не полноценный заказ, а корзина #977. Но не суть.
Идём платить яндекс-кассой, поскольку она охрененна и работает с фз-54.
Выбираем "Наличными" - вводим телефон, емейл, получаем смс-ку.
НЕ НАЖИМАЕМ "Вернуться в магазин". Закрываем яндекс.

Всё. Мы потерялись. Вроде как и можно идти платить в Евросеть, но ничего о том, что за нами зарезервирован заказ нету. В списке заказов на стороне клиента нет заказа в статусе "незавершен". Есть наша корзина. Что делать то? Ещё раз оформлять? Опять получать смс, но на сей раз нажимать "Вернуться в магазин"? Пожалуй, тупо, но по крайней мере безопасно. Мол сам дурак - выбрал "наличные".



появился заказ в статусе "O" - у нас он называется "Ожидает оплаты" и мы на такие не реагируем, поскольку с этим статусом по умолчанию связан "ручной способ" (поговорить с менеджером, потратить время, погеммороиться с переводом на карту.) Клиенту при этом статусе мы даём инструкции и сообщаем, что остальное его проблемы и мы аннулируем заказ если не увидим оплату в ближайшее время.


И ВДРУГ совершенно случайно в кабинете Яндекс-кассы я вижу этот заказ оплаченным!!! Там пишут, что я деньги 750 р. получил методом "наличные", онлайн-касса и ОФД говорят, что получил, а Csc говорит "ожидает оплаты - не стоит внимания".


Как это получилось - я сейчас разбираюсь. Начиная с Яндекс-Кассы. Также сделал два тестовых заказа. чтобы воспроизвести проблему - завтра отпишусь.



НО РЕБЯТА! Сколько же времени уходит на эти мучения с ситемой статусов! С этим ДИНОЗАВРОМ, который ещё допускает ввод данных карты с CVV, чтобы менеджер потом вручную проводил. Где хоть такое сейчас в онлайне используется? Что за атавизм!


Ну выведите вы статус "незавершен" в список нормальных статусов. Чтобы все видели, что заказ есть, но фактически ещё платёж не прошел. Какие-хот корзины морзины? Отправляйте рассылку по заброшенным заказам а не корзинам. Ну посмотрите вы на возраст проблемы. Посмотрите на систему ваших друзей из Ecwid. Ну там 4 статуса ёмоё и всё идеально работает!!!





и да! Я только сейчас заметил - действительно - незавершенные заказы не удаляются после завершения! От этого и проблемы с рассылками по корзинам. В том числе и у модуля cart power


Добрый день, удалось разобраться с причиной почему в CS-Cart заказа остался в Open?


Касательно ваших предложений из всего я понял только - вывести "незавершенные" в общий список. Верно?

#295071 Try It Early: Drag & Drop Product Images

Posted by imac on 08 February 2018 - 06:57 AM in Upcoming features

Regarding style, I like how alt text and remove button was visible without hover, I like styling how it was before. I would make hover only prieview button. Style needs some work.

When you hover the image - you see the remove button. You could not delete the image - no matter wether remove icon visible or not until you hover it. So with Remove icon - I can not understand your complain.

As for the alt text - there could be a lot of images - and alt text will generate extra noise. In UI terms alt text is sub element of the image - so it's not a good idea to always display it on the page among many other elements (product properties).

#294926 Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

Posted by imac on 06 February 2018 - 12:16 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi there,


So glad to hear that you are thinking about such features. We are launching a marketplace in North America in which a slot of small vendors will come on board and we would like to connect these small vendors with customers in their local communities.


It would be a great added value for both vendors and customers as it enables them to search and filter the vendors by location. There are many people that would love to support local businesses and communities. They also would like to learn more about the vendors. The micro stores are a great feature in CS-Cart, but when a customer goes to the all vendors directory there is no easy way to search and filter the vendors. I know this can be done through some customizations, but it would be really nice if this was a core functionality which could then be further enhanced or customized.


We would love to see these features:

Search by Vendor

Search & Filter by Vendor location (even if it's just by country and city) 

Ability to assign attributes to vendors and filter by those 

A visual interactive map would just take it all to a whole new level





My point of view in a few sentence.  :-)

Not sure for buyers is important from where is seller if they pay for delivery. For example in UK I buy something and for me doesn't matter is comes from London or Manchester as I pay delivery charge. But...

It is one but...I am building marketplace where people can sell anything, new or used items. Let's say seller want to sell a used fridge. Of course it will be a lot of problem to delivery it of size and weight. And for seller will not worth to delivery. So, in that case would be perfect filter by location. And it should work like this: seller setup location and collection only. Buyer see only country ,city and post code. Also at checkout or product page : Delivery - Collection. After payment getting full address where to collect. If it make sense.

If no collection what is the point of location? Might be I am wrong.


Best regards

Guys, thanks for the feedback. We will draw some sketch ups and I post them here. Don't forget to follow this topic (button in the top right corner).


So as I can see we need the following basic features:

1. Ability to confirm customer locations, by default we try to get the location by IP.

2. Ability to filter Vendors by location: Country, State, City and probably distance

3. Ability to filter products by vendor location 


Maybe you know some good stores/marketplaces with such geolocation feature?

#294514 My Cs-Cart Is To Slow, Why?

Posted by imac on 01 February 2018 - 09:04 AM in Configuration

i use MV 4.7.1 now with unitheme and some addons but no upload images or products..
use only default images , we have only created categories..( now 13000).
the page opening times is to  long, all other shop system is faster as cs-cart..
What we can do??

Tale a look at this article. CS-Cart developers created a optimized environment for CSd-Cart/Multi-Vendor

#294428 Hosting Recommendation?

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:55 PM in Web Hosting

BTW: we updated our Anlsible script for Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)
This script allows you to set the CS-Cart environment in several clicks.

#294427 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:52 PM in Upcoming features

It's an admin panel. Seriously, who cares about color? Functionality is all that matters.

You are right, we think the same way as developers.
But I heard several time already about this feature. The main point is that one can have several CS-Cart stores and different colors of backend will make live easier.

#294426 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:50 PM in Upcoming features

How does this affect the third party add-ons?


Looks like you maintained class names which is good.
Are there any special classes that need to be addressed for addon developers that manipulate the admin screens and sideboxes?

there will be a guideline after we make sure the main concept is fine and we can go to the finish line.
Idea is that add-on developers will need to add certain classes to their templates.

#294424 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:46 PM in Upcoming features

Right now we are working on the top panel of mobile view- there are too many elements, we will try to sort it out and make more mobile-friendly.

#294421 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 31 January 2018 - 12:44 PM in Upcoming features



Looks very nice, maybe update the language flags as well to fit the Flat UI look?


Furthermore, it would be nice if you can pick a 'theme color'. I have some clients who use multiple CS-Cart installations (they want seperate stores and not a 'multi store', I have recolered their backends to fit their frontends, they wanted this to make it easy to distinguish these multiple installations.


Best wishes,

Thank you for the idea, we need a poll here:)


Who else would like to change the admin area color? Please Upvote this post.

#294298 Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

Posted by imac on 30 January 2018 - 08:21 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests



I do a research on how to group vendors by location, show them on map, and filter by region (country, state, city)

If you have a need in such feature, can you please answer several questions:

- What type of business model do you have (who are your vendors, in what regions do you work)

- Why location is matters for you? (what problem will this feature solve)

- How shoud it work (few words about how it will be seen by customer in your storefront)


Any feedback is appreciated.

#294218 4.7.1 -- Cli Patch?

Posted by imac on 29 January 2018 - 11:06 AM in Security

can u provide fix ? from 4.7.1 sp2 to sp3 ?

What fix do you mean? if you use 4.7.1SP2 the best scenario is to update to 4.7.1SP3

#294215 Экспорт-Импорт Макетов Сохраняются Только Страницы По Умолчанию

Posted by imac on 29 January 2018 - 10:59 AM in Русский (Russian)  



Экспортирую ВСЕ страницы одного макета с одной витрины и потом Импортирую их на другой витрине. При Импорте указываю "Создать новый макет". 


Если я правильно понимаю логику работы, то после импорта, я должен получить полную копию макета с макетами для всех страниц. Но я этого не получаю. Импортируются только макеты страниц по умолчанию. 


Все те макеты которые я добавил новые - не переносятся.... Это баг или так и должно быть, что переносятся не все макеты? 

Сделал на демке. Все ок.

Убедитесь что при экспорте выбрали все локации https://www.evernote...NM2DLmijUf9s0KY

#294061 Stripe Should Be Included For Free

Posted by imac on 26 January 2018 - 08:40 AM in Wishlist & Feature Requests

Again Stripe should be added part of cs-cart

If you need this payment, why don't you buy an add-on from Marketplace?

#293859 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 24 January 2018 - 01:31 PM in News and Announcements

Some extra questions:

Could you please answer them and make clear the whole situation:
- can variations be listed in categories pages as separate products and be filtered there? 
- how can we import new products&variations? there are Variation codes for T-shirt variations in export file, but how to create variations by import? 


1. No variations can not be listed as separate products because this is not what variations aimed to do. To disaplay simple products with ability to filter by them you need simple products.

2. Take a look at this article http://docs.cs-cart....ion_import.html

#293858 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 24 January 2018 - 01:28 PM in News and Announcements

Some Problems About Addon

1-> When u convert old product to configurable product and added product variations block and category listing pages doesnt show the productç

2-> First time adding product for configurable product and adding product variations. category listing and block show the products.

      but when u add to product extra images again same category listings and block doesnt show the product.

3-> product detail show first variation image as main image. its must be show when selected variations.

     category listing and blocks must be show main product image and extra images.

3. At categories pages and detailed product page you actually see the first variation. This is logical from my point of view.

Can you give a link to you store or just explain what type of products do you sell and why would you like to see configurable product image instead of first variation.

#293853 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 24 January 2018 - 01:07 PM in News and Announcements

Can anyone please confirm if the new variations and inventory will works with filters? As a clothing store, I would like to be able to add "filter by size" and only show products with the size variant in stock.

Hi, yes we have this feature in plans. But no ETA.

if you need it right now you can use an add-on from the marketpalce developed by our partners.