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#300197 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 11:02 AM in Upcoming features

I haven't messed with the addon enough to know if it works or not but it sounds like modifiers need the ability to combine data from different columns.


For example in crazysharks case with categories:

Category - $valuecolumn1"///"$valuecolumn2


Another example where you have separate inventory from different warehouses and you need to add them together for the amount/quantity:

Quantity - $valuecolumn1+$valuecolumn2+...

This is not working for now. 

For now we are looking for the easiest solution. The things like using a value from another column may slow down the import and make it buggy(

#300196 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 15 April 2018 - 10:59 AM in Upcoming features


I also have to bear in mind that I products may be available from more than one supplier. I've previously in Magento been able to get around this by adding a 'Supplier' and 'Supplier Code' Feature and mapped the product by 'Supplier code' and not 'Manufacturers product code'.



Thank you for details,


As for supplier code. You can create a feature called "Supplier code" and use it. In Advanced import you can import features in a separate columns. You can even set several imports for several suppliers and use modifier to fullfill Supplier code feature. Like this "concat('Supplier1', '') - which will set value Supplier1 for all the products from this import.

#300083 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 12 April 2018 - 11:15 AM in Upcoming features

Hi imac


1- How can choose Category -> sub category . Example i sent before in xml have only main category and subcategory How can we choose.



You should use one tag <category>Computer///Fan</Category>

#300027 Gdpr Policy In The Eu

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 07:01 AM in Upcoming features

Imac, the clock is ticking. Any news about ETA of the cs-cart compliance with GDPR? Store owners need to have time to adapt internal procedures and train personel.



Any news imac ?

We need this. ...

Within next 2 weeks we will post news about GDPR add-on in the blog and also send a newsletter.


The feature is under development at the moment.

Changes in CS-Cart will be implemented as an add-on in case you use latest version you will need just an update. In case you use 4.x.x you will need some help from tech support or developer to add additional hooks.


The add-on will do 3 major features.

1. Get the consent of a customer [Frontend] (customer will get a clear explanation of what data we are going to collect for what reason)

2. Management personal data [Backend] (admin will be able to download all customer data he has in CS-Cart as xml file, and also admin can anonymize customer data

3. Store the history of consent [Backed] (we will have a special table in DB where all customer consents will be stored. There will be email, data, time, text of consent) 


For now we do not add any tools to get consent from existing customers - actually this can be done using newsletter with request to confirm they are understand what data is stored in the store and they agree with it. 

#300024 Gdpr Policy In The Eu

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 06:46 AM in Upcoming features

The customer does not have to be able to delete his account information himself, however he should be able to file in a form with a request to delete his account information.

It should be clear to the customer which information is collected by CS.cart and why it is.

The customer has to authorize that the shop stores his information.

If customer information or name is indexed by searchengines that information has to be re-indexed when a customer's profile is being deleted.

As far as i can tell it IS allowed to save the data, like products, but everything that has to do with the customer, cookies, ip address, name, contact information, everything has to be erased. Changing a name to "DELETED" with a number or something IS allowed as long everything else is destroyed.

yes, customer won't be able to delete his profile, in first version of GDPR add-on we develop he have to write a email withy request to delete his data.


As for the authorization (consent) and informing customer we will add texts to each registration form with notice what data and for what reasons we store and process.

#300022 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 06:17 AM in Upcoming features

It would be great to get rid of the product_type requirement, as currently this advanced import is unusable for me.


Great idea - would work wonders and be perfect for my daily product feeds, but none of them have this field particularly as it is unique to CS-Cart

Hi, can you please clarify what is great idea?


And please describe the exact scenario of how you do import and why product_type is a problem for you. I would like to understand your workflow. We do have some thoughts on removing product_type - but not yet sure how it should be identified instead.

#300021 Varnish Cache For Cs-Cart

Posted by imac on 11 April 2018 - 06:12 AM in Web Hosting

will the free addon be updated for newer versions ?

At the moment we do not have plans to update this add-on. 

#299681 Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

Posted by imac on 04 April 2018 - 08:33 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

Hi everyone.


I've just talked to one of our clients about Geolocation feature - and one of his idea is that after a customer selected his location - all the products in the category should be filtered by his town only. If the vendor location is outside this town - his product won't be shown to customer.

In other words once customer selects his location - he sees only the products located in his city.


What do you thing about this feature?

#299595 Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

Posted by imac on 03 April 2018 - 05:52 AM in News and Announcements

ok, thanks.


Another question. I noticed that configurable product also have price in exported table. Why is that? Normally price in this case should be 0. As I understand the idea of configurable product is just to hold product variations with prices, etc

Price of configurable product should be equal to first variation. Because products in the storefront will be filtered and sorted by main configurable product not it's variations. 

Example. you have a configurable product t-shirt with price $10 and it's first variation is t-shirt white big with price $20 when you filter products by price in the storefront you will see t-shirt only in range where $10 is belongs, e.g. $9-$11, and you won't see t-shirt at all in range $19-$21

#299552 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 02 April 2018 - 02:55 PM in News and Announcements



It makes a lot of sense to view variations in the category as well as most of the time the product image is only one color (and there is no proper way to indicate that it is available in a different color). Because of this reason a lot of people have created the same product in different colors (as there was no good alternative), therfore it would be a good idea to add support for 'merging' products into a configureable product so these people do have the ability to enjoy the perks of using this solution (no need for editing the same description 5 times as you only have 1 description).


Kind regards,

Thank you,

We are thinking about the same. Not sure that there will be merge, probably admin should still fill in all the fields, but it will do the trick and filters and SEO names will work.

#299551 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 02 April 2018 - 02:47 PM in News and Announcements


Sorting problem.
Version 4.7.2 (or 451 - also a problem exists).
It does not matter what is included, the variations of the products or combinations of options.
As you know, if a site has an exchange with 1C, and if the goods have several offers, then the basic price of the commodity = 0 and prices are recorded in the option.
That as a result we receive.
Sort by price, cheap first.
The first item is listed, but the option price is 1500. And the base price is = 0.
Accordingly, sorting by price turns out to work only at the base price.


Yes. All filtering, sorting and other products operations are done based on the parent product properties.

For now the solutions is to set the same price for main product as for first variation.

#299550 Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

Posted by imac on 02 April 2018 - 02:45 PM in News and Announcements

Currently I have a product such as a t-shirt with 3 colors (blue, red, green), and 5 sizes. 

The picture is the same for all the different sizes, however I have to upload the same image 5 times.


For example, I have to upload the same image for blue shirt 5 times for size S, M, L, XL, and XXL


And then I have to do the same for colors Red and Green.

Is there not a better way to handle this without having to upload the same image multiple times which takes up valuable space and time?

Just don't upload the images for variations and you main product images will be used.

#299045 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 07:25 AM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

this will be an excellent step for vendors to be able to create their own promotions. do you have a time frame for this?


can you direct me to who can create a paypal adaptive account for us, as we have recently purchased multi vendor?



No timeframes for vendor promotions yet.


As for PayPal Adaptive please contact sales@cs-cart.com they will help you. 

#299042 Try The Advanced Import Of Products

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 07:06 AM in Upcoming features

Hi i test xml good


There are some shortcomings i see.
1-For example, if the company has a product that contains several different categories, what should be done? For example, three different categories of textile furniture and car parts need to be designed separately for them?
Some XML have in structure all in it. Not diveded category product etc. i can select the main and sub category. its important
2-What if we do not have the product type in the xml format? In the example I sent to you, there is not. I could do that by changing it to P or C, which is not used one of them there.


3-Can test 10 - 100 products for testing good or not. if got something wrong can change short time. The others whole products import and can see its true or not.


4-Add "Modifier List" "Replace" can change began wtih code . Example "<img src="http://" because in description have some code and can we change them good for us.


5-How can we select second, third etc image? i select the other image detailed image or additional image but cant work


6- Company give xml adress like this



when i want to get. i get an error  " Error Cannot read uploaded file"

Hi, thank you for the feedback. It's very helpful.


1. I did not understand what you mean. Can you please explain it in more details.


2. We are thinking on getting rid of product_type - it's not a user friendly field.


3. You mean you want to set a limit like "import only X items"?


4. this won't work because you should replace the start of the code " img src="http://" and the end "">"


5. Right now we are implemented the feature that parse all the similar fields like "<image" tags and output as separated by comma. there is a new field (images) for this.


6. what does it mean? 


I will go through you import file and get back with more details

#299039 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 06:47 AM in Upcoming features

A little bit of "cart before the horse".  You're releasing it to the public before you release a guide for 3rd party developers to determine what changes they might need to make?  Where do you want us to direct the calls that come in for addons that are broken by this release? 


Is there a way to disable the responsive backend after it's installed in case there are business critical errors?  Or does it overlay the current 'backend' theme?

the instructions are under development, will be released very soon.

the new responsive theme is just an add-on, so it will be optional for some time.

#299038 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 27 March 2018 - 06:45 AM in Upcoming features

Thank you for reply:

Regarding item 2: In the demo store currently when vendor logs in, sees "simtech" at the top left corner of admin panel, just plain text, you should be able to add small simtech logo there - good branding practice. 

Ok, thank you. Probably later we will add this.

#298482 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 20 March 2018 - 02:04 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

FYI: I moved some of the posts to the separate topics.

#298479 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 20 March 2018 - 01:51 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

It is important the CS cart team informs its users that paypal adaptive is no longer available 

It's is available and there are no any deadlines when it will be deprecated. We can create accounts for for PayPal Adapative for Multi-Vendor owners.


In 4.8.1 when PayPal for Marketplace will be available we will mark PayPal adaptive as "not recommended"

#298478 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 20 March 2018 - 01:48 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests


I have a suggestion adding to Vendor plan, please add more RESTRICTION in vendor package when creating vendor plan.

For vendor plan, you should limit more features in each package, instead only number product and commission, and remove limit of the max amount money of selling. For example, package 1: limit product, limit microstore, limit earn and using rewards for merchant, limit seller upload banner, seller list, seller vacation, etc.. ; package 2: limit seller list, seller banner,, etc.. package 3: unlimited everything. These are admin deciding. SO ADD MORE LIMIT FEATURE ON EACH PLAN.

I hope to see this in the future update. 


Thank you



Another suggestion, please create a help desk addon (re-do customer-vendor communication) that has 3 way communication user - vendor -admin. I dont mind if you create this addon for sale, i would live to buy it from cs-cart creator. For example, similar like Ebay helpdesk: inbox and resolution center. Ebay inbox has 3 way communication, and resolution center is also 3 ways communication but this one is for the problem with order, item or vendor; Customer complaint by creating a ticket to ask vendor solve it. If the ticket is not solved within a period, it escalate to admin.


This would be a awesome and complete to your multi vendor script.


Thank you

Hi, thank you for the suggestions. 

I would recommend you to post them as a separate topics on this forum "Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests" and depending on how actively people support this we can get the idea of how important these suggestion for Multi-Vendor owners.

Unfortunately in such topics like these these pose can be easily lost in many other responses.

#298477 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 20 March 2018 - 01:45 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

could you please clarify point no7 - does it mean vendor can set up and run their own promotion? 


I agree there should be an emphasis on updating the backend system to make the product upload much more seamless for vendors. 

Yes, vendor will be able to create their own promotions.

I think we will implement this feature only after we create separate checkouts for each vendors #5 (like ebay or aliexpress).

#298476 Multi-Vendor Roadmap

Posted by imac on 20 March 2018 - 01:42 PM in Upcoming Features, Feedback, Feature Requests

"1. Mobile application - create you own mobile application for you Multi-Vendor store."

is there a release date for this ?

We are going to launch this as a separate product within several weeks. 

If you are interested in it, can you please PM me you skype or email I would like to ask you several questions regarding mobile application.

#297762 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 11:17 AM in Upcoming features

As for changing color of admin area, I see the following scenarios:

1. Different admin color for different storefronts. If you select a storefront in admin area you see the backend in custom color. 

2. Different admin color for Vendor backend, Root admin see default color, if switched to vendor - see panel in custom color.

3. Different color (not customize but set by us) - when store is in Development mode or Store is Closed.


So to summarise scenarios are:

1. I will be able to select a color of backend for different storefronts in admin area

2. I will be able to select a color of vendors  backend 

3. Color of backend will differ from default if I enabled Development mode or closed the store (I can no select the color myself)


What do you think, will it work for you?

I don't want to provide the ability to change default backend color for "All stores" / "All vendors" and for Development mode. It's because CS-Cart basic UX should be the same for all developers/owners

#297714 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:42 AM in Upcoming features

only need improve layout magement.

Can you please provide some additional info on what you meant?

#297713 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:40 AM in Upcoming features

Hello I have three suggestions:


1) Ability to change color to match front-end (needed for multivendor branding)

2) Add logo for vendor admin panels (good branding practice) 

3) Add text to "+", "Gear", "->", "V" signs that are used to add element, see more options, go back, more options..it will be an enhancement form UI perspective. Save button has text but all other buttons have signs, making them all similar will improve usability.

It took me a while to get used to "+" and "Gear" signs, they are NOT attention-getter as they should. 



Thank you for constructive feedback. 

1. We will think about this, below is a lot of post requiring the the ability to change color of admin/vendor area - so it's under investigation at the moment.

2. I don't see the need for vendor to see his logo in the backend, I suppose you suggest this from admin point of view.

3. This is a good suggestion and probably in near future we will consider such changes, but at the moment we are trying to make new admin responsive theme as much compatible with the current one as possible.

#297709 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by imac on 12 March 2018 - 06:28 AM in Upcoming features

I test in phone. Can't add image from phone

Will be fixed soon.