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Announcement: Forum Rules

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These rules exist to make forum communication friendly and helpful for everyone. Note that the list isn't exhaustive. We will react to rule violations and undesirable behavior alike, but we'll try not to interfere in your conversations.



The main purpose is communication between CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor users and helping each other. Members of the CS-Cart team are present here, but can't answer every question at the forum. If you'd like a guaranteed reply from us, please use other channels:

Help Desk for technical support and reporting issues.

Contact form for general questions about CS-Cart, licensing, partnership, etc.



1. Helping each other. If you see a discussion about a problem that you've already solved, tell people how you solved it. Next time someone might help you.

2. Constructive discussions. That means discussions in appropriate sections, with arguments and examples, without insults and excessive emotions to turn up the heat.

3. Likes. Upvote the messages that you like or agree with. That's an extra tool for us to see how many people are interested in the discussed topic.

4. Searching for existing topics. Before you start a new topic, please check if it has been discussed before. Maybe someone already offered a solution.

5. Reporting rule violations. We block most spam messages and rule violations, but some might slip through.



1. Swearing and any insults. This doesn't require any explanation. The rule also covers incitement of any kind of hatred (racial, political, between various content management systems, etc.)

2. Spam. Again, this doesn't require much explanation. It's forbidden to advertise something that isn't related to CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor in any way. However, you can offer services or products (add-ons, themes) specifically for CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor. P.S. Creating multiple similar topics or messages in different areas of the forum also counts as spam.

You can give links to your store based on CS-Cart, but in a moderate amount (for example, in order for someone to help with modification advice, or just to show how beautiful your store turned out to be). You can also advertise development services, as well as modules, themes and hosting for CS-Cart.

There is a nuance here: if you advertise your add-on or theme for CS-Cart, then the link should lead to https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/. It means that the products for CS-Cart that you link to must be available at our Marketplace.

3. Mentioning the competing software. Regardless of in what light; even if you moved to CS-Cart from another CMS, don't post the name. Other software has its own forums where it can be discussed freely.

4. Going off topic. For example, bringing up a bug in another bug tracker post.

5. "Piracy" or any other illegal content. This covers any content that is generally against the law.

6. Excessive emotions. Especially if insults are involved, and the only arguments are "everything about it is bad and you should feel bad!"

7. Excessive formatting. For example, writing specific sentences and words in too large font, with too many exclamation marks, etc. This makes the text harder to read.