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Helpdesk, Message And Resolution Addon For Customer Vendor Admin

13 April 2018 - 06:21 PM


I have another suggestions

1. Please modify customer-vendor communication become 3 way communication user - vendor -admin. For example, similar like Ebay message: inbox: compose, send and trash. Ebay inbox has 3 way communication message that filter between customer - vendor, admin-customer, admin-vendor.


2. Resolution center addon is also 3 ways communication but this one is for the problem with order, item or vendor; Customer complaint by creating a ticket to ask vendor solve it. If the ticket is not solved within a period, it escalate to admin.


3. Maybe, integrating 1 and 2 into a support/helpdesk



This would be a awesome and complete to your multi vendor script. We will be happy to buy it.


Thank you

More Restriction/ Option Package In Vendor Plan

13 April 2018 - 06:13 PM



I have a suggestion adding to Vendor plan, please add more RESTRICTION or FEATURE OPTION in vendor package when creating vendor plan.


For vendor plan, we should limit more features/ or allow more option in each package depend on what feature/addon store is having, instead only number product and commission, and remove limit of the max amount money of selling. For example,

Package 1: limit product, limit microstore, limit earn and using rewards for merchant, limit seller upload banner, seller list, seller vacation, etc.. ;

Package 2: limit seller list, seller banner,, etc..

Package 3: unlimited everything.

These options are decided by admin. SO ADD MORE LIMIT FEATURE ON EACH PLAN.

I hope to see this in the future update. 


Thank you