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#294831 How To Reach The Top With Seo-Friendly Cs-Cart

Posted by Memtimintursun on 05 February 2018 - 10:26 AM

this article can be extended with many more..

#294112 Some Css Changes On Top Bar Menu

Posted by Memtimintursun on 26 January 2018 - 08:00 PM

Thanks eComLabs, good to know about this. I might will need this one in future. thanks!

#292943 Change Our Brands Seo

Posted by Memtimintursun on 10 January 2018 - 09:22 AM

Please pay attention to our new SEO Rules module. It extends the default SEO rules functionality and allows to add SEO URLs for any dispatch with custom parameters



woooowww, this is very useful and great add-on eComLabs, I will need this in future. thanks!

#286272 Multi-Vendor Could Use Several New Features

Posted by Memtimintursun on 17 October 2017 - 08:52 AM

Sphinx is the best, because it uses less RAM and CPU. it's extremely fast. I have setup it for video DB and had over 1.4million records. search was takes only 20 millisecond or depending if include more field to search, just 23  to 30 millisecond. if you request one record with ID, 0 millisecond.



I didn't buy CS multivendor yet, because I am currently fully researching. because I believe every online ecommerce needs very serious research and proper design their business. over 2 months, part time I am researching multivendor systems.. found many of them... however haven't made the final decision yet.



indeed, CS-cart multivendor is kind of feature rich looking, but it's even not included the SphinX search or any other fast search. what I see is, there is option to use Searchanise. which is fetches your data and serve you back. I can't understand that, why people love giving their data to stranger hand? if CS-CART company integrates SphinX, that will be very useful for all marketplace owners.



I understand that NOT NOT NOT all marketplace owners knows Internet/IT. but the CS-CART company does. why don't just offer the essential and important part of CS-CART system like fast search? it's actually even much more good for the CS-CART company, isn't?


Imagine that some of the marketplace websites gets bigger and more successful, more visitors, is that bad for CS-CART company?



Also, another one essential suggestion is, SubDomain for vendors on multi vendor marketplaces. Already all those huge ecommerce multivendor marketplaces offer their vendors the subdomain, like ebay, amazon, alibaba and more.. I was paying attention on this and even I see that WooCommerce multivendor has subdomain addon ($22-$32?)and Magento has subdomain addon ($49?$99?) for this. this was included on my plan for the project I am researching and find out CS-CART doesn't have this ability. actually it's very very small job for the developers. all you need is, CS-CART has to do server response link stricture for subdomain, and on the server side, just add wildcard CNAME. it's really very easy for those developers, but they didn't include this feature.



We, the website owners will do investment and do business. we do target customers and vendors. because without of them, we can't make any money. so, for us, customer and vendor experience is essential. for that reason, we want to see the best possibilities on our marketplace. because the "fast search" is in customer experience category. the subdomain is in the vendor experience category. these must include things for the multivendor marketplace. of course, like I already said, many website owners don't knows Internet, IT. for that reason, they just survive. but some people like on your portfolio page, like the Indian Ebay, will gets success with your systems.



Also, I don't know why some website has NOT NOT SEO friendly URL, some of them have SEO friendly URL. these things are really important for success. on your marketplace, some people calls the meta title and description as SEO, it's just funny. I believe the developers understand those. just needs improve it.



because your price is, $1450. it's lot's of money and if people can't gets success, it will go to garbage. even there are many free multivendor marketplace, or the price is a lot's of less, but I really like the interface and many all in one features on CS-CART. however, I think CS-CART must include those features.



On the other hand, Magento seems like not bad. it's free and can add some extra features with addons, but it's not all in one package like the CS-CART.


Have a great days.