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In Topic: Multiple Domains For Single Storefront

Today, 06:41 AM

If you have same content on both domains and both domains are used on one CS-Cart installation, additional license is not required.


Thanks eComLabs!


that is what I wanted to learn. for example with the above method, it could be some how easier for marketing I think. like I said above, some vendors will love that to have a link from 2 domains and have their product shown on 2 domains. this is really cool.


on the other hands, it will be duplicate content and you will have to fight on SEO. :)))


well, it maybe some cases useful then, can't say completely. but very good to learn.


Thanks again eComLabs!

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Yesterday, 06:02 PM


In Topic: Sales Performance Of 4.x.x Compared To 2.x.x

Yesterday, 05:42 PM

I totally agree with the above post. I NEVER worry or worried much about SEO and page optimization yet I took several cs-cart stores (including the one I'm still running) to 7 figure numbers turnaround with no marketing, let alone, SEO budget. Still we rank high. Why? Because:


1. We have excellent service and people post about us on forums, etc

2. Bloggers love us, our style, our products, and write about us

3. We create good unique content ourselves that google as well as people appreciate and link to


The platform might make 1% of a difference, but not much more I expect. Stop blaming, take responsibility, and work to get back the ranking you lost because your competitors got ahead of you.


This is very good response.


but I don't agree this sentence;  "The platform might make 1% of a difference" no, platform might make more difference, but it's not essential.


all other points are very right, completely agree with you.

In Topic: Best Seo Add-On

Yesterday, 05:26 PM

We have implemented any features in our SEO add-on with affordable price in marketplace.
We are going to do following feature in our CS-Cart SEO add-on:-
1. Snippet Preview.
-----Page Title.
-----Page URL.
-----Meta Description.
2. Focus Keyword.
-----Page Heading.
-----Page Title.
-----Page URL.
-----Page Content.
-----Page Meta Description.
3. SEO Title.
4. Meta Description.
5. Page Analysis.
-----H1, H2 and other tags.
-----Keywords density.
-----Image alt tags.
-----Total count of words and more features.
6. Advanced Settings.
-----Meta Robots Index.
-----Meta Robots Follow.
-----Meta Robots Advanced.
-----Include in Sitemap.
-----Sitemap Priority.
-----Canonical URL.
-----301 Redirect.
7. Social Settings.




is that your seo addon IonCube encrypted code?


If encrypted code, I am not interested. if not encrypted code, I am interested.


let me know, thanks!

In Topic: Multiple Domains For Single Storefront

Yesterday, 05:11 PM

The answer is - no. Since different content is used on .ru and .com domains


I was showing that cs-cart domains just for example. but my question is, if there is the same content on both domains with above method. can you clear answer this question eComLabs? please.