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Yesterday, 07:33 PM

Какой размер картинок категорий порекомендуете для Амазон-стайл и Сетки?

Для Амазона пробовали 285х106 в размер блока, но как-то мутновато, как будто преобразовывается изображение. Более широкие картинки как-то почётче выглядят.

Используйте изображения равные ширине колонки или больше.
На нашем демо используем изображения:
- Amazon 270x100
- Сетка 350x400
При включенном модуле ретина, загружайте картинки в 2 раза большего размера.

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14 March 2018 - 07:33 AM



return money!

Sad to hear that we didn't understand each other.

Discussion closed. We contacted PayPal, they will return the money within 5 working days.

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13 March 2018 - 06:26 PM

I have installed it and it is active. Please, don't think I can't use it because of my mistake or whatever. it's installed and active and there no any mistake on my side.


but it doesn't show the catalog page like on your demo; amazon/ebay style page. yes, your add-on adds called "category page". but the catalog page doesn't change at all(it's just my old page). and for that reason, I did checked all your .tpl files and I don't see any amazon/ebay .tpl files. then how is suppose to shows a catalog page like on your demo? I already know how cs-cart works or coded, for that reason I am saying don't waste my time or your time. talk the exact point.


what help are you talking? check your selling file first, it's different than your files on the demo for sure. there is no stupid person.

Thank you for detail answer.
Your license wasn't activated, it's in pending status. That is why we asked about installation and activation.

It's not possible to activate add-on without activating license through license system.
For this reason, we do not understand your position that the add-on is active and works when all the facts indicate otherwise. So we tried to understand the problem by asking questions. If you still have a desire to understand what the problem, please send FTP access to support@themehills.com, we will check yourself, test and understand what the problem is.
Since you have already transferred the discussion of the problem to PayPal let's continue the discussion there.

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13 March 2018 - 03:23 PM

If there is no changes, then why we need this?


I already told you don't play word game, you are trying to say about installation or whatever.


Ok, I will talk to you on Paypal.


To understand each other clearly. There is no word games, I’m trying to understand the situation and help you.
1. Did you unpack the archive and didn’t see the add-on structure that you expected to see?
2.  Did you install the add-on and because it turned off you can’t see any changes?
I’m here to help.

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13 March 2018 - 02:56 PM

I am talking about this;





Don't try word play, I don't like it. 





It's not like on your demo. I mean probably you send / I download not the same files as your demo.


I can't see any changes. manually checked all of your files, I can't see amazon, ebay .tpl files.


why is that? any excuse here?

Please write an email to our support team: support@themehills.com, provide an email on which you purchased add-on and a license number.

To install and activate Enhanced Category Page add-on follow online documentation:
It will add a page to your layouts and depends on settings it will style the category page.
I can't see any changes. manually checked all of your files, I can't see amazon, ebay .tpl files.
There is one template for all styles.