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In Topic: Add-On By Webkul: Aliexpress Dropshipping

Yesterday, 06:01 AM

The reliance on having to use Google Chrome is a problem... whats that about?

We refuse to use chrome because of privacy issues, and  poor printer management capabilities amongst other prohibitive issues.

Can it not be browser independent?

We have not yet thought of making this extension browser independent. Without chrome extension, it does not seem feasible to import the addons from AliExpress. If you have better ideas then please feel free to share the same with us at support@webkul.com so that we may check the feasibility of the same.


In Topic: Add-On : Web Push Notification

Yesterday, 05:51 AM

also can you style permission request screen ? another can do that like this ?



Dear teosu,


Apologies for a delayed response. We can customize the add-on as per your needs. Please feel free to share your requirements at support@webkul.com for a quicker response. 

Thank You!

In Topic: Add-On By Webkul : Warehouse Management System

Yesterday, 05:49 AM

Dear remoteone,


Thank you for your valuable suggestions. We will surely check and implement the generic features in our upcoming upgrades. For a quicker response, please feel free to share your views at support@webkul.com

Thank You! 

In Topic: Add-On : Bulk Delete

Yesterday, 05:42 AM

I have added a option for all my products but it is not a global option. How Can I delete all options for al my products?

With this add-on, you can delete just the global options in bulk as explained in the doc. For checking the document- Click here

If you have any custom requirements, please feel free to share the same at support@webkul.com.

In Topic: Store With Subdomain Rather A Sublink Or Page

07 March 2018 - 10:48 AM



Probably above link has different files than what I did buy from your website. it DOESN'T work. NO!





it has serious problem. Please check it immediately! and if I continue the url, it seems like will continue add the same subdomain again.




Dear Mem,


Hopefully, you have got and checked the updated files by now. Actually, we had implemented the changes & updated the add-on files in the demo link at first so that you may check & share your feedback. Upgraded add-on files were updated yesterday itself in the store that's why you got the older files from our store. Apologies for the inconvenience caused and a big thank you for your expert advice and valuable suggestions. We are really glad to implement your suggestions to create an enhanced add-on. I hope most of the points have been covered in the latest update we provided. 


Looking forward to work in future for long-term.


Best regards,