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Seo And Cloned Product Names

13 March 2018 - 05:49 PM

Why don't SEO names update when you change a product title?


Our vendors use the product Cloning feature when adding large groups of similar products - but it appends [CLONE] to the end of the product name. If they delete it from the product name, it still ends up in the SEO name and file path.


Why, oh why, doesn't CS-Cart just update the SEO name on a product title save? I know that it now builds a redirect everytime you edit the SEO name - is it to avoid overloading the number of redirect entries?


The downside here is we hide the SEO naming field from vendors as they don't understand the implications of it, so it becomes another maintenance task for the store owner to do.


Tagging / Curation

02 March 2018 - 05:40 PM

My client's MVE shop needs to curate groups of products for various sales emails and promotions on the site.


In the past they used the built-in tagging system to add identifying topic names to new products and easily add search those terms to add to product grids.


This was a simple task with previous iterations of tagging. Staff could login, review products add their tags from the front-end like a customer would.


In more recent updates to CS-Cart, the developers have removed the customer facing tagging system. The remaining tagging tools are less intuitive, and take far longer to add to products as it take several clicks to drill down to the tag field.


We're looking to re-instate something like these features to CS-Cart's tagging system.


I'm would need to discuss feasibility before I specify features, as there could be many way to go about doing this. Do we restore previous functionality - or would we create our own system?


Anyone interested?


Customer Pickup Shipping Option

23 January 2018 - 05:16 PM

Looking for a new development with the following specification:


  1. Create new shipping option for customer pickup at a trade show
  2. Option is added to all Vendor accounts automatically.
  3. Shipping option would offer range of selectable dates for customers to choose from for product pickup, for two different annual trade show events - either 4 or 11 days long (as defined by SuperAdmin)
  4. Customer Pickup order type and their selected date would be highlighted on vendor order page
  5. Selected date and location of booth at trade show would be highlighted on customer invoice
  6. SuperAdmin defines date range for trade shows
  7. Vendors can then select their available dates via checkbox from range created by SuperAdmin
  8. Vendors can enter their trade show booth number
  9. Add logic so if Vendor does not select available dates and does not enter booth number, shipping option is unavailable to customer
  10. SuperAdmin enable/disable switch to show and hide this shipping method for Vendors. 
  11. Add function that clears all entered data (date ranges and booth numbers). This could take place during the enable/disable function.
  12. Developed for MVE 4.5.2+

Sales Graph Not Correctly Labelled

22 November 2017 - 03:52 PM

We've noticed for the last year or so that the sales graph in the admin console is not labelling current vs last year sales correctly. For the two lines, both are labelled identically for the current year (see attached screenshots).


Any ideas out there as to why?


Attached File  Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.48.17 AM.png   58.4KB   1 downloads


Attached File  Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.48.23 AM.png   57.58KB   1 downloads

Adaptive Payment "verified" Status

11 November 2017 - 07:02 AM

We have finally figured out what is going on with these issues with verification. (see this thread for background)


Everyone has assumed this is some sort of issue with bad vendor credentials (this is how all of CS-Cart support members have replied to it in the forum so far.)


The truth is that verified and unverified, are two legitimate Paypal account holder statuses. Both parties can receive fiunds in an adaptive payment. 


Vendors can have correct email, first and last names, and will still not get verified status. They are not related.


Verified account holders have confirmed with Paypal that a bank account is attached to their Paypal account. They have no limits as to the value of funds they can receive in a transaction payment.


Unverified account holders do not have a bank account attached to their Paypal accounts, but still may receive payments up to a limit (usually about $2000USD).


CS-Cart adding the verification call to the Adaptive Payments add-on has been a real problem for us. We spent the first week thinking that our problem was that we were missing the Get Verification call from our Paypal APP-ID. Once we got it added and nothing changed we realized there was something missing in the translation. None of these issues showed in testing as you can only use the Paypal sandbox accounts with test payment credentials - and everyone was verified. After some back and forth with Paypal tech support this week, we finally figured this out.


We have over 1,000 active vendor accounts and hundreds of them have chosen not to add verification to their Paypal accounts. We've spent a month redeveloping our Adaptive Payment transaction with Simtech replacing a much simpler (i.e.: no get verified status) custom development we used with MVE 4.03.


We're now madly trying to remove this logic so we can get the unverified vendor's products back up for sale. We've spent so much time being confused that we've almost missed our relaunch date. The store has to go live Sunday, and I'm hoping that Simtech can get things figured out on a Saturday.


Losing some serious sleep over here…


:shock:  :shock:  :shock: