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In Topic: Sort Products By Code Problem

Today, 08:45 AM

You are welcome!

In Topic: Vendors Can Request A Category?

Today, 08:44 AM

I need this developed as add-on for a cheaper price. it should be easy, since there is nothing complicated jobs. make a page just only for vendor admin/usergroup can access and they can request under which category has to be created which category. of course it could possible with small note. and if the same request coming from more vendors, then rootadmin can create it manually and delete that request.


can you do that eComLabs?


or someone can do this? please PM me, thanks!


Sure, we can help you. Just drop us a message here

In Topic: Search Not Working.

Today, 05:50 AM

Let me explain.


Default Search results layout page is used for the products.search dispatch. Since search in pages is enabled in your store, another dispatch is used to display search results  - search.results.


If store does not have layout page for this dispatch, Default layout page is used. As this page does not contain Main content block, you see empty page.


Please check 

In Topic: How To Not To Display The Vendor Email In The Order Email

Today, 05:44 AM

Hi Ecom,

Is there any way to put on my_changes, and also how to change the header, I check header email still using vendor logo, not my website logo.


Thank you.


Without detailed code overview I do not see any hooks to do it with the module.


As for logo, please try to open the app/Tygh/Template/Document/Variables/CompanyVariable.php file and replace

$this->logos = fn_get_logos($company_id);


$this->logos = fn_get_logos(0);

In Topic: Custom Layout For Sales

Today, 05:34 AM

For the On sale page I have inserted the location to be 'products.on_sale' - is this right?