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In Topic: Centos 6 Or Centos 7

Yesterday, 10:41 PM

Curious what you see as run-time impacts to performance from Cpanel/WHM other than it using include files for Apache VirtualHost definitions (but these are cached after first use)?  What have you measured?  While there are some performance issues relative to using suPHP (though very small), you can certainly use a different PHP mode from WHM/Cpanel.


The other thing to consider is the technical strength of your team versus the ease of use of WHM/Cpanel (or other Admin panels).  Updateing/managing Apache configurations manually can be a huge pain and can cause you more downtime than you'd ever experience using an Admin Helper.  Even simple tasks like adding a temporary FTP user to help with some development can be a much more difficult and error prone task NOT using an Admin Helper application like WHM/Cpanel and undoing those types of 'adds' can be even more challenging in a native enviroment


Note also that biggest issue I encounter with client sites is based on directory/file ownership/permissions.  Using an unmanaged environment will only add to those issues if you don't spend the time to stay on top of it.  So IMHO, one has to balance ease of use and maintainability with the need to squeeze every millisecond out of a site. 


I believe using an Admin Helper like WHM/Cpanel has much greater benefit than cost to the vast majority of merchants that run cs-cart.  But am curious in any performance numbers you can supply.

There is much to like about an Admin Helper (nice analogy by the way) like WHM Cpanel and at the same time I read alot that may have it against it.


1. the convenience                                      

2. the support                                               

3. modules available                                     



1. reputation of being not very flexible and making system admins lazy etc etc

2. not for real men/ system admins

3. overall performance ??? not very lean ?? Control Panels make slow performing webservers

4. proprietary software ???

5. bloatware ?? well  perhaps yes...or not ?



I do not have the performance figures ready for you Tony but I can tell you that quite often my sites based on CS Cart have not been the fastest even one of the slowest compared to some of my felllow CS Cart store owners.

At any rate I will try my hands on a different virtual machine setup where I will base my WHM Cpanel VPS setup based on CentOS 7, 6 virtual cores, 10gig of dedicated memory and at least 60 GB of HD space.

Just install the modules I need or that are required for CS Cart to run smoothly and follow this blog articles advice and see where it leads me


In Topic: Nginx Full Page Caching

Yesterday, 10:23 PM

No this would not work, this would only work with the 'selective cache' option. The entire point of full page cache is not to have unique blocks that need to be rendered as this slows down the initial load.



I use a system with PHP 7.0, NGINX, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS together with 2 cores and 4 gb of RAM. I use this as this is as it is a fair baseline for common webservers.


Why Ubuntu if I may ask ? I see it very often CS Cart in combo with Ubuntu not so much on CentOS for instance ? Is configuring Ubuntu so much easier and or flexible or just an acquired taste ?

PS as a noob playing now with a setup of PHP 7.1, Apache, CentOS 7, MariaDB, 6 cores 10 GB of RAM.
Webmin yes not WHM Cpanel. Not yet able to figure out how to setup a hosting account on it and create an CSR for later SSL installation.

In Topic: Nginx Full Page Caching

16 November 2017 - 12:21 PM

Just curious on the server side level. What kind of setup on the server side are we talking about in your case Poppedweb ?
What are you running in production and or in development with this caching addon ?

In Topic: Centos 6 Or Centos 7

15 November 2017 - 11:55 PM

We will be moving a site from Centos 6 over to Centos 7..     Do you think that will cause issues...???


No actually not to be expected. But in all honesty I am used to working with a WHM Cpanel (CentOS 6.9) configuration but I plan to move away from Cpanel as many have pointed out that WHM Cpanel might not be the fastest server solution for running a ecommerce platform like CS Cart. Problem for me moving away from WHM Cpanel is the learning curve of doing more via the command line.

As for again as CS Cart installations having issues with CentOS 7 I think you will be good to go.

In Topic: Centos 6 Or Centos 7

15 November 2017 - 09:52 PM

Don't think it matters much other than the version of PHP that is available.  PHP7 should be available in both.

I'd assume that Centos 7 would have most recent security changes, updated cypher keys, etc. But 6 probably has those changes too.


It sure does but if you start from scratch then I would go for CentOS/RHEL 7 as I just did or ... working in progress I should say.

Going Cold Turkey on the WHM/Cpanel thing :mrgreen: