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Override Quantity In Different Storefront For Shared Product

17 November 2017 - 04:04 AM

Hi, we have a storefront for Australia and New Zealand. 


All products on our site are owned by our Australian storefront and shared to the NZ storefront. 


We recently sold out of a product in Australia and updated the inventory to zero, but this also updates our NZ inventory to 0 and you can't override it. 


This is a problem also for our custom logic that excludes any products with an inventory of 0 from our Google Shopping data feeds. 


Anyone know a way around this without having a separate copy of the product in the NZ storefront?



When Are We Expecting To New Product Feature Variations To Be Out Of Beta?

13 November 2017 - 12:36 AM



I am glad to hear that product feature variations have been added to CS-CART, however I don't like that they are still in BETA but part of the current release of CS-CART. 


I am worried about upgrading to the latest version of CS-CART and having it effect our product catalog.  Should I be?


Any idea when the new features will be considered "complete"?




Changing Theme For Specific Controllers/action Combinations

09 November 2017 - 02:56 AM



We are doing a redesign of our website and as part of that process we are designing our checkout experience to be more mobile friendly. 


I recently modified our system using an addon to load a different layout based on specific product id's.  No, we aren't doing split testing, we just wanted to roll out our new product page design (which required a different layout) to see how Google would receive the changes to our product page on a select number of products.  


Previously we have blasted away our entire design for all products and if there is an SEO issue on the page then it can harm our rankings. 


Anyway, selecting a different layout was doable via hooks and now I would like to also load a different theme for specific controllers. 


We only have a small team and would like to roll out our new checkout.  The new checkout belongs to a new theme we are developing.  We are not developing the new checkout inside our existing theme because we want to move away from bulky purchased themes and code up something much simpler and customised to our users. 


So far I have looked at these "hooks" hoping that by modifying the theme path, that all would be golden.  It kinda works, but templates are not loading from the correct location.  I can't quite wrap my head around how the theme system works and hoping someone has some more thoughts around how I can achieve this. 


Here are the hooks I am currently using:


Here is the code I am using for those hooks:
function fn_my_changes_get_theme_path_pre(&$path, &$area, &$company_id, &$theme_names){
  $dispatch_matches = [
  if ($area == "C" && $company_id == 3 && in_array($_REQUEST['dispatch'], $dispatch_matches))$theme_names['c_' . $company_id] = 'bfa';
function fn_my_changes_get_theme_path(&$path, &$area, &$dir_design, &$company_id){
  $dispatch_matches = [
  if ($area == 'C' && in_array($_REQUEST['dispatch'], $dispatch_matches)){
    $path = str_replace("vivashop", "bfa", $path);
The new theme name is 'bfa' and our old theme is 'vivashop'..
BTW, we have no particular issues with vivashop, its done the job, but we really want to focus on a custom experience for our users and we now have the time to dedicate to developing it.  Previously VIVASHop was a quick fix for us so that we had a responsive website


Installed Addons Post Upgrade

02 October 2017 - 11:04 PM

Hi there, 


I have been looking at installing Paypal Advanced on our website and saw that my version of CS-CART supported it.  So it looked like it would be no problem to install. 


However, when I went to add a payment method, I noticed that I didn't have "Paypal Advanced" as an option in the processors dropdown.


Looking at the paypal addon in app/addons/paypal/database/data.sql, I could see the SQL queries there which would insert Paypal Advanced into the table.   


So the only conclusion I can draw from this is:


I would have originally enabled the Paypal addon about 2 years ago and paypal advanced was later included in the paypal addon in later versions of cs-cart.   I gather that when CS-CART upgrades itself, that it doesn't "re-initialize" any installed plugins.    Of course, after I deleted the plugin and re-installed, I had the paypal advanced option available to me. 


Am I missing some step that I should be taking when CS-CART is upgraded?  


It also relates to a development concern I have had when working on my own addons and I update my database schema in my addon.  I have always manually run those transactions against my database, which is not ideal and potentially error prone. 


Any thoughts on this topic?




Fn_Get_Products With Images!

02 October 2017 - 01:25 AM

Hi there, 


Can anyone tell me how to make a call to fn_get_products and also get it to return the product main pairs?   The only way I can see of doing it at the moment is doing a separate lookup of the images for each product returned, but that seems like a lot of queries for something that should be returnable with the initial query. 


I assume I am just missing an obvious setting...