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Make 'only "in Stock" Products' An Option For All Product Block Filling...

08 December 2017 - 09:58 AM

Currently when you add a product block to a certain page on your site, and choose filling "similar" you are allowed to then choose the option 'Only "In Stock" Products'... However on the other filling types such as:


  • Rating
  • On Sale
  • Bestsellers
  • Also bought
  • Most popular
  • Newest


This option isn't available.  It would be great to have this available to all of the above filling types, meaning that when you are showing bestsellers for instance that only bestsellers that are in stock are shown (as the whole idea of product blocks is to use them to sell more products, so if an item is out of stock and not on sale a lot of store owners probably don't want it showing and would prefer products being displayed that are in stock and can be purchased).


It should be a relatively easy change for the CS-Cart team, but would make the product blocks system much better for CS-Cart users.


Thanks for your time!

Reward Points (Active On 1 Store Front And In-Active On A 2Nd Store Front - Possible?)

06 March 2017 - 09:59 AM



Is it possible to have reward points active on 1 store front but in-active on another store front?


Basically we want:

​Store A - Can't collect and can't use points

Store B - Can collect and can use points


But at the moment, we can't see any way of making this work other than:


Store A - Setting points earned to 0 (meaning no one can accumulate points)


However the problem with this method is that each product on the product page and checkout mentions "Price in points" which doesn't make sense for users if a point system is not in use.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time.