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In Topic: Make 'only "in Stock" Products' An Option For All Product Blo...

12 December 2017 - 09:17 AM

Thanks for the recommendation eComLabs, I was hoping CS-Cart would add this in a future update as it shouldn't take them more than 10 minutes :)  That way a third party add-on wouldn't be required and you could turn it on and off for different blocks with ease.

In Topic: The Cs-Cart Boilerplate Theme For Developers: Minimum Of Code, Maximum Of Fle...

12 November 2017 - 10:35 AM

Just wondering if the CS-Cart team are active in promoting/pushing the boilerplate as a resource for developers...  The reason I ask is that there are several bug reports from quite a few months ago which have gone unanswered (yet the fixes are easy).. for example:


#90) My latest bug report about 2 lines of code which need removing at the end of templates\blocks\categories\categories_text_links.tpl

#81) Top menu dropdown caret is showing when category doesn't have any subcategory


Would be nice to see the team active on fixing such issues, or else the boilerplate will be abandoned by developers (if there isn't constant reaction to the community on fixing such easy bugs)


Thanks for the great work!

In Topic: Switch Inc Vat/TAX and Ex Vat Pricing

20 March 2017 - 12:46 PM

Webrunner - I wondered if you could shine a light on this. I have successfully managed to switch the 'Clean Price' (inc Tax) and 'Price' (Ex Tax) in a few areas of the website, see example here - in the product list section, you will see I have updated for the Short List and List without Options toggle. However I cant seem to update the Default Grid List to switch the prices, see here -


Let me know if I have missed something, I have tired you file location with no luck




Hi Insynch,


Just wondered if you figured out how to switch the prices on the grid list (it looks like you did) and if so if you would mind sharing how you did it (as well as how you switched them on the main product page too).  Thanks

In Topic: Reward Points (Active On 1 Store Front And In-Active On A 2Nd Store Front - P...

06 March 2017 - 02:07 PM

I suppose I will have to hide the reward point information via CSS on the one store then (seems the best option) thanks for your help.

In Topic: Reward Points (Active On 1 Store Front And In-Active On A 2Nd Store Front - P...

06 March 2017 - 10:55 AM

Thanks for the reply - the product has to have a point value (for purchasing) so that Store B can purchase it meaning that even in Store A (where people can't earn points) the text that reads price in points is displayed (which is the issue).


For the site we are working on we are using a modified version of the bundled responsive theme.


As for domain name the site isn't live yet (as it's in development), however if any admins wish to PM us for the licensed domain info we will supply it (just so you know we're working with a licensed version of the software)