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I Need Mobile Friendly Category Tiles (Menu)

20 February 2018 - 10:53 PM

My site has a horizontal menu which is great for desktop. On mobile it turns into a hamburger menu which nobody clicks on.


I would like to have a second navigation menu on my homepage:

I would like to display 8 tiles in 4 columns, 2 columns or 1 depending on the width.


Is an addon available for this or is there a way to do this in CS-Cart?


I found this one by Simtech: https://www.simtechd...ry-gallery.html

But this one is problematic in the sense that on narrow width its very long and the user needs to scroll a lot. That is not very mobile friendly. I don't need any images in there. I just want tiles.


Is there anything like this?

If not then do you know of an alternative solution?