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Layouts Blocks Moving Problems

15 April 2018 - 01:34 PM

I have a very strange problem. I am editing a layout. When I move any block it doesn't stay behind my mouse but somewhere in the distance. The problem occurs if I am not at the top of the page (if the page is scrolled). The more the scroll the more the shift. See the screenshot where I highlighted where my mouse is and where the block is while I drag and drop it. However, the block moves to my mouse position, not where it appears.


The second question about numbers Grid # (span #), that are located below each grid block. What is the difference between them? When I change the width of a grid the Grid # changes correctly and shows the number of columns, but the span # doesn't. See again my screenshot, where the Grid is 3, the span is 6.

The version is the last one 4.7.3.