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In Topic: Fastcomet Hosting

13 November 2017 - 05:51 AM

Also, has anyone used FastComet's free migration service ?

In Topic: Fastcomet Hosting

12 November 2017 - 12:14 AM

Any developers want to chime in on fastcomet ?

I am looking to find a new home for my CS-Cart.

In Topic: Request For Either Zippay Or Afterpay Addon

07 June 2017 - 12:38 AM

I checked out a software company distributing a Lay Buy system and asked if there add on was available for CS-Cart

Their answer:

Sorry we do not have a extension plugin for CS Cart. When we did enquire CS Cart team wanted to charge us a fee for integration.

In Topic: Request For Either Zippay Or Afterpay Addon

04 June 2017 - 12:21 PM

Interesting bordering on 'slimy'.

Perhaps all cs-cart owners should make this a part of their banners.

"We do not provide AfterPay or the like because we believe that

extending credit only adds to Australia's problem of over indebtedness."


In reality I don't believe that AfterPay type systems would add

substantially to sales.


A workable Lay By add on might be easier.

In Topic: Request For Either Zippay Or Afterpay Addon

02 June 2017 - 10:34 AM

I do wish that CS-Cart would develop an add on for Australian CS-Carts.

CS-Cart is the most feature rich solution 'out of the box' but I am feeling the pressure

to change carts for one that can use AfterPay and or ZipPay.


Am I missing something here ?

CS-Cart emails all it's cart owners.

Hi guys, any of you want an add on for ZipPay and or AfterPay ??

Just let us know which country you need it for and get back to us
if you are willing to pay for it.

We will count hands and let you know how much.