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Addon: Ez Category Discounts

14 November 2017 - 10:21 PM

Cs-cart provides quantity pricing on individual products. But have you ever wanted to provide discounts based on the total number of items purchased for products within a category?
If so, this addon is for you. Similar to the standard item quantity discount pricing, you can set discounts on total number of products in the user’s cart from a category based on their usergroup.
So you might create a hidden category of products that you want to offer your wholesale customers additional discounts if they order more than 10 items that are part of that category. You’d simply setup a discount setting of:
  • Quantity 10, discount 5%, group wholesale
  • Quantity 20, discount 7%, group wholesale
  • Quantity 50, discount 10%, group wholesale
These discounts are in addition to any quantity discounts on the individual products and in addition to any promotions that are applied. They are calculated each time the cart is recalculated and the discounted amounts are added to the ‘Including discounts” area of the cart and order details. A notification is displayed to the customer that a discount has been applied to the total number of eligible products for a savings of $XX.
To be eligible, a product only has to be in a configured category, the customer does not have to purchase it from that category. Full sub-category support is provided so you can have one set of discounts on a parent category and a different set of discounts on any sub-categories.
Marketplace (when approved): http://marketplace.c...-discounts.html
Couple of screenshots as attachments.

Addon: Ez Variable Commissions

06 October 2017 - 10:18 PM

Are you an MVE store owner who wants more flexibility in vendor commissions?  If so, then this is the product for you.


You can now set commissions based on categories or individual products.  This will change the commission rate from the rate used in their vendor plan to the one specified for the category or product for that product only.  You can even use it to force who gets commissions on specific categories or products.


The EZ Variable Commissions addon can be tuned to meet your business needs.  By default, it will adjust the 'payout' to vendors if a category or product is managed by the EZ Variable Commissions addon (can be turned off in addon settings if so desired).  Alternatively, you can provide a default commission to be used on a per vendor basis.  This essentially overrides the commission used the the vendor plan for categories/products nto managed by the addon.  This would allow you to have multiple vendors in a single vendor plan (maybe the free plan for instance) but to have different commission rates to apply.


When the addon is installed, all vendors are imported into the addon (we refer to them as affiliates).  You can setup affiliates that are not vendors or if you have the Suppliers addon enabled, you can also import Suppliers.  Upon import, the affiliate default commission is that which was set in their vendor plan.  this can be changed at any time.


You can do monthly reports by order/product for each affiliate.  Hence you can get a better picture of exactly what vendor products are selling.  You can then mark a range of items as Paid after you make payment to your affiliates (vendors).  Flexible search criteria for filtering/sorting the tracking data is provided and there is an option to export to CSV for your long-term off-site record keeping.


The Documentation is located here.

The Product Detail page is here.

And the Marketplace listing is here.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or drop an email to support at ez-ms.com.

Simtech Banner Ads?

01 October 2017 - 08:14 PM

So why (in a community forum in which cs-cart plays a minor role) does Simtech get a banner ad in the 3rd party section?  Seems like the marketplace was put in place to advertise addons (and addon services) and giving that advantage to Simtech is pretty unfair to other 3rd party developers who are supposed to be on a level playing field here in the forums (or at least it has been for the past 10 years or so).


While I'm on my soapbox....  Can developers PLEASE stop responding to questions with all the "at your service" responses?  Just answer their question if you have any input.  It should be obvious who the developers are and developers that don't help users with questions shouldn't be in the running anyway.


We have more and more topics which are one post questions followed by (usually the same) 4 offers.  I try really hard to answer questions first and if it requires development, to state that I'll give them a quote in the same post where I answer their question.  But all this 4 -> 1 posts for development services is getting pretty annoying.

Input Requested On Commissions

18 September 2017 - 09:39 PM

We are updating our product_commissions addon to provide greater flexibility for MVE customers (and a little for non-MVE customers).  I.e.mostly the ability to set individual/different commissions for specific products or categories with some degree of integration into the Vendor Plans addon.


The addon was originally developed to allow one to track commissions for products or categories and to generate reports of those commissions so you can make payments to suppliers.  While it was originally created to provide support to artists for things like photographs, and other digital imagery, it lends itself to being useful in the MVE environment for allowing different commissions by product or category.


So here's what we're working on and since we have the project open, I'd like some input on any other desires you might have.


1) Import of Vendors and Suppliers into the product commissions affiliates data (the addon's sense of who gets commissions).  Reference is kept to Vendor/Supplier related id's for further extension.


2) Categories can now select "Vendors" or "Suppliers" in addition to a specific affiliate.  This means that the commission will be applied to the underlying Supplier or Vendor of the product versus all products in that category being applied to a specific affiliate (though specific affiliates are still supported).


3) Vendors/Suppliers can have a default commission associated with them.  Hence if none of the above commissions are set and a product is related to a specific Vendor/Supplier that Vendor/Supplier's default commission will be used if non-zero.  Otherwise no commission will be applied to that product.  This can (and probably should be) the same as the Vendor Plans 'commission' amount though we use a slightly different syntax since we support absolute and percentage commissions.


4) We are working on having the option to modify the Vendor Plans payout amount.  However, cs-cart seems to be reluctant to give us the hook we have requested but we believe we can work around it with some minor caveats.  I.e. any additional revenue not associated with a cart['products'], shipping or payment_surcharge would not be included in calculating the vendor commission.  But we will add a hook of our own in the addon to allow for extended commission calculation.  This mostly affects addons that can apply custom fees to an order.  Those fees would not be commissionable by default.


The current documentation (does not include all changes above) is here.


We welcome any thoughts/ideas you may have.  Specifically we'd like to know if you would find this set of features useful and/or any additional thoughts you might have on them.  We are also interested in any thoughts you might have in general on Vendor Plan payouts and how they can be better.  Our thoughts are things like: Having different commissions for different components (I.e. shipping, payment_surcharge, shipping_freight, products), etc. rather than just one commission percentage for everything and then either it's all or nothing for shipping and/or payment_surcharge.


We are also looking at creating an addon that would Bind a "request to be a vendor" to an order so that when an order is paid it could optionally trigger the activation of the Vendor or simply be an additional step for the Admin to verify BEFORE enabling the Vendor account.  But that's a separate addon under consideration.


Look forward to your thoughts.


Tony Birnseth

EZ Merchant Solutions

For New Merchant (Or Even The Old Ones)

15 September 2017 - 10:07 PM

I came across this posting and thought I'd share. It has a lot of good information in it.