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#298510 New Order Email Notification Is Not Working

Posted by tbirnseth on 20 March 2018 - 08:30 PM

Check your php error_log file for any template errors that might exist for the customer notifications for invoice.tpl

#297945 Gdpr Policy In The Eu

Posted by tbirnseth on 13 March 2018 - 08:01 PM

You'll be able to control that on-site, but for 3rd parties like Google, various post-sale email services, etc. it will be difficult since very few of them provide any "delete" function within their API's.  And many just give the merchant a chunk of javascript to integrate into their post-order processing and many merchants usually have very little idea what they are sending to the 3rd parties.


Not sure if you've ever tried to delete a post somewhere, but sending info out is made very easy.  Getting it back (or deleting it) is much more problematic especially after big-data gets their hands on it.

#297817 Question To Experts - Alias Domain

Posted by tbirnseth on 12 March 2018 - 08:33 PM

Please note the security implications of relying on HTTP_HOST for the config values.  Example: https://expressionen...security-issues


config.local.php should NOT use any values provided by headers sent (I.e. no $_SERVER values).  It should only use static data that you can rely on to preserve the integrity of your site.  And if you're using MVE and do this, then you endangering every one of your vendors as well.

#297565 Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Posted by tbirnseth on 08 March 2018 - 08:53 PM

Please let me know if this is obvious enough  :D


Of course.  we can all add our own css or blocks to do whatever we want.  I think the point was how did we want cs-cart to address this.  My proposal (for consistency with other things in cs-cart) is to use Settings and select the option desired. 


For #1, it would change when the Vendor or Storefront is changed.  (probably should be the default)

#2 would force it to a specific color if DEVELOPMENT == true, (see below for how to eliminate this as a selectable option)

#3 pick s color and

#4, do nothing.


This can be a setting in a drop-down and if the selection is to pick a specific color, the an additional option appears which is a color-selector.


The reason I wanted it in the settings is so when you clone a site, you don't have to change anything.  I.e. there is no special setup for a development site.  Obviously the DEVELOPMENT piece could simply be done as a config value. Ie

if( defined('DEVELOPMENT') )
  $config['admin_header_color'] = '#color-code';

which would eliminate #2 above and override the others.

#297350 How To Update Addon Templates Without Uninstalling?

Posted by tbirnseth on 05 March 2018 - 11:10 PM

Addons are generally "built" for resale.  Hence they are distributed with templates in the var/themes_repository directory. Those theme templates are then installed based on the underlying template (usually 'responsive').  If an addon is installed and you want to modify one of the theme templates, then use design/themes/[Your theme]/templates/addons/[Your addon]/.....  After you get your changes set, tested and you're happy with them, copy that structure back to var/themes_repository/[Your theme]/templates/addons/[Your addon]/... so that if the addon is ever uninstalled and reinstalled that your changes will be applied.


Cs-cart recently added an option while in DEVELOPMENT mode to update language variables (called Refresh).  I think some other functionality is also updated but I don't think it's re-installation of the theme templates.  But I could be wrong.  It would certainly be nice to be able to "reinstall" an addon leaving all the existing addon settings in place, but to basically re-install the addon having the prior "settings" be the new defaults..

#296875 Changing Text To Uppercase Etc

Posted by tbirnseth on 28 February 2018 - 10:18 PM

It is usually css that controls what case a field is forced to (if any).  Most fields in cs-cart do not have any transforms done on the case of the input text.  So possibly it was added to your site or an addon has provided css that is reaching beyond the intended scope.  The php function to make a string "title case" is ucwords() and to make a string all upper is strtoupper() and to lower is strtolower().  But most likely, you have css that is transforming the input text.  Suggest you "inspect" the code with your browser inspector and see what css is associated with that input field.  If you see something like: "text-transform: uppercase" (or lowercase or capitialize) then you'll want to dig down and find the source of the css.

#296747 Inodes Increase Since Upgrading To 4.7.1 (From 4.6.3)

Posted by tbirnseth on 27 February 2018 - 07:50 PM

A symptom solution is to use something like our EZ Admin Helper that allows you to clear your cache at a frequency you select.


There's nothing in the release itself that increases inode counts that dramatically.  I'd suggest you review your var/backups directory for any really old upgrade backups that might be there as well as your var/files/exim/backup/images directory which cs-cart uses when importing/exporting images/  After import/export they are no longer used and cs-cart is not great at cleaning up after themselves.


If you have SSH access, you can use 'find' to determine file usage by directory.  I.e.

# cd /home/you/public_html

# find . -type f | wc


You can follow the usage and find the directories that are holding the most files and determine if they're necessary.  Most likely your increase is in the var directory but is NOT related to the cache.

#296642 Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.7.2 Are Here

Posted by tbirnseth on 26 February 2018 - 09:34 PM

We fix such things in service packs now.

Delay in upgrades give away is because of this - find out if everything ok and give away a good new version.

Yes, I noted this on a subsequent post when I saw that it finally got released and had an SP associated with it.  Fully agree that SP's are the proper way to ensure deployment integrity.

#296402 Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.7.2 Are Here

Posted by tbirnseth on 23 February 2018 - 08:28 PM

Looks to me like they found an issue and halted the upgrade, then added a service pack and released it again. 

Seems quite prudent on their part and the way an upgrade should be rolled out, halted and service pack generated.


Obviously better communication to merchants would be a big help, but that has never been a cs-cart strength.

#295680 Sales Performance Of 4.x.x Compared To 2.x.x

Posted by tbirnseth on 15 February 2018 - 07:25 PM

@Flow - excellent response.  Everyone thinks that in today's world just making Big-G happy by buying adwords, including data that makes their job easier, etc. will make the difference in their business success.  The reality is that it's exactly the things above that is "marketing" and good marketing generates sales.  Very few people go to a small-merchant web site to simply shop.  They go because something outside your  business caught their interest and pointed them to you.  It could have been claims of excellent service, low prices, quality, etc.  But the reality is there is nothing better than word of mouth (whether those be electronic words, written or spoken).


The goal of a quality site is to spend 90% of your time marketing and 10% removing obstacles to purchase.  An online store is not a lead generator, it is a deal closer. So the goal is to get them to checkout in the quickest and least painful manner possible.  If people want to shop they will 95% of the time go to Amazon or other big-box sales platforms.  So the trick it to get them to buy from you before they go to Amazon.

#295674 Why Are You A Developer?

Posted by tbirnseth on 15 February 2018 - 07:18 PM

1) I like solving problems

2) I like being able to make a difference to someone else's life (make their life easier or more profitable)

3) I can work independently and choose what I want to focus on.

4) I get to see tons of interesting ideas based on requests

5) I've been in software development/engineering for so long that I don't know how to do anything else! :-)

#295119 Meta Description Length

Posted by tbirnseth on 08 February 2018 - 07:07 PM

Change the database schema for cscart_product_descriptions.meta_description to be varchar([NEW SIZE]) rather than varchar(255).  It's the DB that is truncating the field, not the application itself.   [NEW SIZE] can be up to 65535 and storage is actually dynamic based on the data but data is truncated AFTER the specified length.

#295038 V 4.4.2 Upgrade From Php 5.3 To Php 5.6

Posted by tbirnseth on 07 February 2018 - 10:41 PM

You will be fine.

#294957 My Opinion

Posted by tbirnseth on 06 February 2018 - 09:42 PM

Having addons "installed" that you do not intend to use can have a very minor performance impact even when they are 'disabled'.

I think the impact is pretty low.


The main thing to consider is the quality/performance of the enabled addons.  I.e. as an example something that modifies product data....  If the addon lets the system fetch a whole list of products and then comes in afterward (with a _post hook) and deletes the products is inefficient.  The correct way (but way more work) is to use the hooks that alter the query parameters so the data is not fetched to begin with.


But a merchant will rarely know "how" something was implemented.  They can only observe performance/behavior before and after enabling an addon.  If the benefit outweighs the cost, then the merchant is happy.  If not, then ask for a refund.


I can only tell you that many addons I've developed on spec (I.e. hoping there's a market for useful functionality) have fallen completely flat and I've lost significant time/$$ investment.  Others sometimes break even and there are a very few that have stood the test of time and continue to sell years after they were initially developed (with updates to functionality).  However, overall addon sales have fallen dramatically in the past 2 years.  So when someone asks me to extend the functionality of an addon and that addon hasn't even broken even, I'm usually very reluctant to invest more time/$$ unless I can see where that investment will make a significant impact on sales.

#293805 My Opinion

Posted by tbirnseth on 23 January 2018 - 07:21 PM

What you said above is very right, and I completely agree.


from my research since a few months when I have a free time, what I learned is, on the cs-cart even small developers and users community, still some developers have on their hands many add-on that they only provide as service or product for a very expensive price, not as add-on on sale on their marketplace. it makes me thinking, is that really they don't know marketing? No, Russian people are very high cultured and smart people, but I really can't think why they do.


sometimes thinking little different, maybe they only want a big customers who will hire them for a few thousands hours work and pay a big money.


for example, on their portfolio I have seen a Turkish website, that kind of combined multivendor + ultimate together. the "incir" website, currently down. but that website script could be sell on the marketplace for affordable price, isn't? but they wait until someone hire them for another 100k.


marketing, marketing, marketing....


As an addon developer, let me try to address some of this...


There is a huge difference in creating an addon (product) that will run on all sites in all countries under the vast majority of business practices than building an addon for someone to solve a specific problem in a specific realm (custom project).


An addon developer who chooses to make a product commits all their resources up-front and is basically building a product on spec.  If I put 20hrs into building an addon product @ $75/hr, how many do I have to sell just to break even ($1500 investment) and at what price.  In this case, I'd price it at $150 (1/10th development cost) so I'd have to sell 10 just to get my investment back.  Profit doesn't start till sale 11.


I've been here a long time (since 2009) and been building products for cs-cart ever since.  I have products today that I developed in 2009 that still sell (though I've had to reinvest at major version changes).  However, the demand for addon products has dropped considerably and it simply isn't worth taking the risk to invest in addon products that won't ever even break even.  People will argue that if I priced it at $20 that I'd sell more and make more money.  But that would mean I'd need to sell 75 to break even (unlikely).


Hence it is much easier to give someone a good value for custom development with the ability to utilize some parts of it in future projects (or where I can draw from past projects to lower the price for the customer).  But this depends on how "custom" the project really is.


My experience is that everyone feels their specific needs would be in demand by 100's of other customers.  The fact is that simply isn't true.  Cs-cart is a very small market.  I chose to specialize in cs-cart because it is very good technically, is generally stable between minor revisions (from an addon product perspective), and defects are addressed in a relatively reasonable period of time.  What I'm unhappy with is that helpdesk is a complete waste of time (it takes a week to get anywhere), there is no "technical support" for developers (their docs are okay), and there is very low visibility of what's coming in future versions.


Want more addons in the marketplace?  Buy more addons.  Make it worth a developer's investment.