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In Topic: How To Include Variables In Email Snippets

Today, 04:48 PM

You have to implement new classes to make new variables available.  Read the developer's documentation rather than the user's documentation.

In Topic: Why Would Two Vendors Have Same Name (Duplicate), And Urls?

Today, 04:44 PM

You could implement this with a pretty simply hook upon creation of the new vendor.  I.e. if the new name exists, don't create and issue a notification that the name exists.

In Topic: Is Developing Addons And Hooks In Cs-Cart Is Similar To Wordpress And Prestashop

Today, 04:42 PM

Short answer is NO.  Longer answer is that some things can move between these PHP products with relative ease if one is familiar with both sides.  However, the details of each implementation and the file layout and packaging of addons is completely different between the 3.

In Topic: Developers Still Using Old Version Internally

Today, 04:40 PM

We try to stay current.  Not because we want/need the newer functionality, but because I want to be able to verify issues against the current code base and to get better support when I find bugs and report them.  We use very few new features and for our business, we don't even use many of the classic features of the product because they aren't applicable to services and/or software.


However, I recommend to my commercial clients NOT to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but to always stay a release or two behind.  That doesn't mean stay 10 versions our of date or to stay on V3.  But these are business decisions that need to account for cost/benefit.  If a site has lots of customizations and is running V2.2.5 then the cost of upgrading them to 4.7.2 might well outweigh any benefit they might see (other than a feel-good).


Generally if someone keeps up with releases, then their overall cost of ownership will be lower if they use developers that practice "best practices" when developing so their work will survive upgrades.  For those who fall behind, getting to current can be costly.  But again, this is a business decision.

In Topic: Try The New Responsive Admin Panel

Today, 04:20 PM

A little bit of "cart before the horse".  You're releasing it to the public before you release a guide for 3rd party developers to determine what changes they might need to make?  Where do you want us to direct the calls that come in for addons that are broken by this release? 


Is there a way to disable the responsive backend after it's installed in case there are business critical errors?  Or does it overlay the current 'backend' theme?